Descendants Of The Sun Special Episode 2: That Deleted Scene :)

Descendants Of The Sun Special Episode 2

[ Pic from Descendants Of The Sun facebook page ]

I’m not quite sure why there are these special episodes of Descendants Of The Sun that mainly show highlights from the kdrama. The special episode 1 was kind of a letdown. Thankfully… in special episode 2, there is a scene which was cut from the show. 😀

That particular scene was supposed to be right after the surgery in which the diamonds were extracted. Dr Kang hands the diamonds to Big Boss before he goes on his mission of recovering the stolen medicines that Myeong Ju sorely needs.

They hug in that scene, so the crew must have realized that it doesn’t quite make sense. If Dr Kang had ordered everyone to keep their hands off the operating table because the patient likely has a contagious virus, it is unlikely that she would go hug Big Boss when she knows she has been “contaminated’.

Well, I hope we get to see more of those deleted scenes, some behind-the-scenes action, and that much-anticipated epilogue. What really happens to Dr Kang and Big Boss in the end? We’ll find out next week, I guess. 😀

Special Episode #2:

  • Dr Kang stitching up Big Boss’ wound after the earthquake
  • Her will is heard over the PA system
  • She speaks with Myeong Ju
  • The couple kiss on the back of the farmer’s truck
  • Parcel from Shin Ji Young
  • Saving the diamonds guy from Argus
  • The operation to extract the diamonds
  • Ice bath for Myeong Ju
  • Medicines stolen
  • *Before the 21-minute mark: Dr Kang hands the diamonds to Big Boss; he jokes that some diamonds are missing. They hug. 
  • Dr Kang kidnapped by Argus
  • Rescuing Dr Kang
  • Myeong Ju and the “dazzling” Seo
  • Dr Kang and Big Boss exchange “I love you’s” in the cafe
  • He’s leaving for a (long) mission
  • Big Boss gets injured
  • How Myeong Ju and Dr Kang cope with the “deaths” of the two men
  • They are alive!
  • The couple back at the beach again… KISS! 😀