Descendants Of The Sun: Special Episode 3

Descendants Of The Sun Special Episode 3

[ Picture from Descendants Of The Sun Facebook Page ]

In the Special Episode 3 of Descendants Of The Sun, we FINALLY get to see the bloopers, and behind-the-scenes takes, as well as some interviews with the cast. This kdrama has received over 3 billion views (online) in China and its stunning success makes the 258 days of filming seem well worth the time and effort.

 What’s really touching about this special episode:

  1. How the actors get hurt in the course of the filming but soldier on anyway: It wasn’t just Song Joong Ki who hurt himself. Jin Goo (who plays Seo) also hurt his knee(?) and it bled a little. The Director also shared that Big Boss, who hurt himself in the shootout scene in the carpark (when the bad guys were trying to gun down the North Korean soldier), returned to the set to film the hostage rescue scene after just 2 weeks. He put up a good performance though he apparently couldn’t even walk straight off-camera.
  2. The cast celebrated Jin Goo’s birthday. The camaraderie that’s clearly on display in the BTS footage is heartwarming. Song Joong Ki even calls it “bromance” (between him and Seo).
  3. So funny how the actor who plays the diamond-swallowing Jin Young Su has been given the label “national villain”. Indeed, his acting in Descendants Of The Sun is superb! I found his account on Instagram and was pleasantly surprised to note that he apparently is playing a member of the SWAT team in another show. LOL. The national villain has turned over a new leaf, it seems. 😀
  4. How there was wind and rain which threatened to (seriously) affect the production schedule, but the actors put up their best effort anyway.
  5. The hardworking director, who was even happy to show Song Hye Kyo how he wanted her to kiss Big Boss.

Not sure if it’s a letdown or not, but there’s no epilogue! So what happens to Big Boss and Dr Kang? Will there be Descendants Of The Sun – Season 2? Let’s wait and see then. 🙂


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