Squeezed! Cold Pressed Juices at Waterway Point

Waterway Point Squeezed

The Squeezed! outlet at Waterway Point has been open for quite a while now, but I didn’t want to do a review till I’ve tried all their drinks. There are a total of 15 combinations for their cold-pressed juices, and having tried all of them, I can now tell you which are my favorites, and which caused me to cringe.

I’m not sure if the juice cleanse fad is over; there was a period of time when many companies were advertising their various juice cleanses at truly exorbitant prices. I guess this is why I’m attracted to Squeezed!’s offerings – not exactly dirt cheap, but you won’t have to break the bank for a good cup of juice either. Plus, there’s now a Groupon promotion going on.


Usual Pricing: S$6.20 (500ml), S$5.20 (350ml). Current Groupon promotion: 350ml juice and 1 squeezed bun = S$4.90, 4 cups of 500ml juice for S$14.80, etc.


Here are the 15 combinations for their cold-pressed juices, with my mini reviews regarding the taste (with my favorites in bold font)…

Natural Beauty: Tastes rather sour. I didn’t quite like it.

Beet It!: ABC-juice lovers will like this one even though it’s orange in place of carrot **

Aloha: Pineapple lovers will like this very much. Very refreshing and tasty ***

Pitch Perfect: Tastes very much like starfruit juice. Very mild. Nothing exciting here.

Citrus Circus: Taste the watermelon. Like healthy, tasty fruit punch ***

Guavitate: It actually tastes bitter. I’m not a fan of this one.

Granny’s Grammy: Tastes very much of celery. Great for people with high blood pressure.

Miss Spruce: Very sour.

Veggie Tales: Metallic taste of veggies. Not the most tasty combination.

Red Riding Hood: Your typical A-B-C juice, sweet, and with a little bit of pulp ***

Break of Dawn: I love the orange + pineapple combination! ***

Velvet Blend: If you don’t like papaya juice, you won’t like this. I didn’t.

Pink Lady: Really hard to guess what fruits went into this if you didn’t already know. Love the taste of strawberries.**

Peary Good: Though it’s made up of pear and apples, it tasted like grape juice to me. How queer.

Kiwini: Kiwi lovers will like this one. An interesting mix of sweet & sour. ***

So there you have it. My 5 favorites: Aloha, Citrus Circus, Red Riding Hood, Break of Dawn and Kiwini. 😀

Bought 4 of them today, sans Red Riding Hood:

Squeezed cold press juices

If the Groupon promotion is over by the time you read this blogpost, there might still be the in-store promo with all 2nd items at 50% off. 🙂

Waterway Point Squeezed Menu

As you can see in the image above, there are 6 flavors for the buns. Tori Tori and Royal Rumble are apparently their bestsellers. The rest come with froyo, which I don’t really like. I really don’t think buns + froyo make a good combination, though other people may enjoy it.

Tori Tori comes with teriyaki chicken, bonito flakes and mayonnaise. It’s rather tasty, and best eaten when warm:

Waterway Point Squeezed Bun

Royal Rumble comes with melted nacho cheese and truffled macaroni (cannot taste any truffle, but mac and cheese is always a winner). It also has bacon bits.

When you’re at Waterway Point and want a quick bite, you might want to check out Squeezed! It has a small seating area, but is not usually crowded. Many people prefer takeaways. *They really should consider providing plastic carriers that can hold 2 drinks each instead of just 1. Getting 4 plastic carriers for 4 drinks seems a little wasteful. 😀

Squeezed! is located at #B1-K8 of Waterway Point. 


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