SAFRA Punggol: Probably The Best SAFRA Club in Singapore

SAFRA Punggol

SAFRA Punggol had its soft launch on Sunday, 24th April 2016, and I was shocked at the huge turnout. From morning till evening, it seemed like the crowd never left. There were booths giving out all sorts of freebies – there were the usual suspects of popcorn and candy floss, but there were also truffle fries, churros, etc. I didn’t queue for any of them because I was more interested in the bike rental promotions (more on that in a bit). But first, here’s why I say Punggol SAFRA might be the best SAFRA club in Singapore. I love how pretty it looks at night. My pictures don’t do it justice, so do pop by after the sun has set…

[ The eve of the launch ]

SAFRA Punggol night view

[ Launch day itself. From across the Waterway, where we were cycling… ]

SAFRA Punggol at night

The dome in the middle is super pretty. And it looks it’s ringed by diamonds when it’s all lit up…

SAFRA Punggol pretty night view

What can you do at SAFRA Punggol? There’s yoga, cycling, bowling, darts, gym, karaoke, spa, more restaurants, and of course, enrichment classes for children! I do want to check out the Kidz Amaze indoor water playground, but I’ll wait till it’s less crowded. LOL!

As part of the opening celebrations, the bike rental shop at SAFRA Punggol, which is called Bikes @ Waterway, gave away one bottle of PLENISH isotonic drink and one ice cream cone with every bike rental! πŸ˜€ ON TOP OF THAT, there was a 50% off promotion. So it was bike rentals at half-price PLUS freebies! If that’s not a good deal, I don’t know what is.

Bikes @ Waterway

Here are the usual bike rental rates:

Bikes @ Waterway

The free drink and ice cream I claimed after 2-hours of cycling:

Bikes @ Waterway freebies


SAFRA Punggol is located across the road from Sam Kee LRT station. You can also walk to SAFRA Punggol from Waterway Point (8 minutes or so, depending on your walking speed). πŸ˜€