Disappointed :( Hello Kitty Cafe @ Changi Airport

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Plush

The Hello Kitty Cafe at Changi Airport opens today, and as I’m a huge Kitty fan, I went to queue, hoping to get one of the “500” limited edition Kitty plushies on sale for S$49.90 each. The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden opened at 11.30am this morning. I was there by 11am, and as you can imagine, there was a really long queue outside the cafe already. However, each person could only purchase two plushies, and so I felt I definitely had a chance of getting one, at least. After all, this admittedly-sizeable crowd did not look like 250 people:

Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Changi Airport

At about 1pm, we were told that the plush toys were all sold out. At that time, there were still about 30-odd people ahead of me in the queue. Disappointed, many of us left the queue after standing in line for HOURS, and went elsewhere for food. Because no one really has high hopes for food at Kitty cafes anywhere in the world. Having said that, the food is pretty decent at the recently-opened Pompompurin Cafe at Orchard Central.

And this article by a TODAY journalist states that the food at this Hello Kitty cafe at Changi Airport is… (and I quote) “decidedly less impressive” (than the decor), “like something I could grab off the shelf at a neighbourhood bakery”, [on the drinks] “too sweet and artificial” and about the dessert – “But at S$16.90, the panna cotta would have to contain edible gold flakes before I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Like the journalist, I was definitely impressed by the decor. It’s gorgeous.

Even if the food sucks, I’ll still fork out good money for it. As long as I get that plushie I queued for. 😛

I know the media have had their food tastings done way before the cafe’s opening day. Were they allowed to buy the plushies?

Were there REALLY a total of 500 plushies in the store when it was officially open for business today?!

Why was each person allowed to buy TWO plushies, instead of just one?

To add insult to injury, here’s a Channel NewsAsia report on how the plushies are being sold on Carousell for up to $200. Absolutely disgusting: http://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/limited-edition-hello/2778498.html

Will I return to this cafe just for food? No way.

Will I return to this cafe if they have more plushies for sale? Definitely not. I’d rather sew on an extra ribbon onto my current plush toys.

One bad experience is one too many.

If you’d still like to visit anyway… it’s at the Arrival Hall of Terminal 3. 😛


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  1. It’s very Singaporean way of buying limited edition Hello Kitty and sell online at a profit.

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