Tanuki Raw: Food, Price, Review

Tanuki Raw

Orchard Central isn’t a mall where I’d usually go for food, or shopping. But with retail businesses suffering, I guess F&B is the way to go for the mall to survive. The Pompompurin Cafe opened last month at Orchard Central (and people are still queuing to get in for lunch). And here’s another reason for me to visit the mall: Tanuki Raw. I think their lunch menu is worth the trip to Somerset.

On my first visit, I had the Truffle Yakiniku (S$14.90, usual price S$18) together with their Premium Set (+S$5) for miso soup, salad and black coffee or a “back to work beverage”.

Tanuki Raw Truffle Yakiniku

It looks picture perfect, and great for Instagram. But I didn’t enjoy the meal. The onsen egg was yummy, and the pickled radish was tasty without being an assault on my tastebuds, but the beef pretty weird. If blindfolded, I certainly wouldn’t know what meat it was that I was eating. And the sauce was overwhelmingly salty, like an I-need-a-blood-pressure-raise-NOW salty.

And I couldn’t bring myself to order the Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku (S$19.90, usual price S$23) as I didn’t want to support any unnecessary animal cruelty. Foie gras would have definitely saved the day. Oh well…

I went back to Tanuki Raw another day with 3 pals and we all had raw fish. Which was amazing.

Tanuki Raw chirashi

The Tanuki Kaisen Chirashi (S$22.90, usual price S$24.90) which is closest to the camera, was what I had ordered. So delicious. It tasted as good as it looked.

This time, instead of the Premium Set (+$5), we went for the Lunch Set (just $2) with miso soup, salad and green tea (refillable). Much better value-for-money.

Tanuki Raw is the sister company of the Standing Sushi Bar, which I have yet to visit. Together with a few other F&B brands, they are owned by Howard Lo, who used to be on TV. So to answer my pal’s question, no, the owner of Tanuki Raw is not a Japanese man. Ha! Could have fooled us though.

Tanuki Raw is located at #04-01 Orchard Central. Tel: 6636 5949.