MISCHIEF @ Esplanade: 10 Percent Discount, No Service Charge

Mischief at Esplanade

If you don’t already know, there’s a restaurant called MISCHIEF that is located at the Esplanade Mall. The founders are celebrities Michelle Chong and Cynthia Koh. I didn’t quite know what to expect during my first visit, beyond a vague recollection of some media feature of their fried chicken + waffles combo. What I did not expect was how it was kind of like a fast food joint, not that it’s a bad thing. Read on for my take on MISCHIEF’s menu, pricing, service and food. 🙂

*All pictures in this blogpost are courtesy of GC. My phone’s battery had died before I reached the restaurant. LOL!

Mischief Menu for dinner

I like that the menu is pretty minimalist (for lack of a better word). For mains, we have a choice of 4 items: Wagyu Cheeseburger, Baby Back Ribs, Cheese Dog or Vegetable Pasta. It’s so easy to make up your mind regarding what to order as, frankly, you don’t get much choice. Pick one.

My dining companion went with the Grilled Vegetables Pasta ($15)…

Mischief Veg Pasta

It was served SO FAST; probably two minutes after our order was taken. If you’re in a rush to catch a show, fret not, you won’t miss the start of the program. When the food arrived, GC said it didn’t look like it tastes good. I begged to differ. It looked pretty good! But yes, it doesn’t quite deliver on taste. And it’s probably as filling as a salad. Your stomach might rumble before you get to the intermission.

As for me, I had the Wagyu Cheeseburger ($24). I was sold at the word ‘Wagyu’ so I just had to order this. It came with double patties (OMG!) and was very tasty. I almost didn’t mind the ‘onion breath’ after. LOL! However, the restaurant has to work on the chips. I’ve never eaten anything like this. It’s like potato slices fried to such a crisp that there’s no taste or any sort of nutritional value left, I guess. I would have loved fat wedges instead. 😀

Mischief Wagyu Cheeseburger

While GC had the orange juice ($6), I skipped the beverage menu and opted for free water instead. Had almost wanted to order a root beer float when I saw that it’s priced at $11, which is enough to get me a most hearty meal elsewhere. *gulp*

Mischief Beverages

Overall, I love that MISCHIEF serves water at no extra charge, that the staff are friendly (yet there’s no service charge), and I have to say the burger is pretty good. For some reason, it was happy hour when we popped by for dinner. And we automatically got 10% off our bill. No complaints there. 🙂


MISCHIEF is located at #01-12 Esplanade Mall. Tel: 65320481.