Must Try: Lab Visage’s Nano Infusion Facials

Lab Visage Novena Medical Centre

Thanks to Lab Visage’s invitation, I got to try their facial treatment that uses nano infusion technology, and the results really blew me away. I know the bosses of Lab Visage have good skin, so I’m usually happy to try any treatments they recommend, and they have been raving about these nano infusion ones recently.

They shared with me some information about nanotechnology that I did not know about beforehand. For instance, how small is a nanometre? Do you have any idea? It’s actually one millionth of a millimetre, and thinner than a strand of human hair! Lab Visage’s Nano Infusion uses needles that are no bigger than 100 nanometres. This technology was first used to treat diabetes, and is now also being used as medical-grade treatment in skincare and aesthetics, and it is set to revolutionize the aesthetics industry.

The device they use has some 82 nano needles on each disposable needle head. The nano needles help penetrate the skin so as to deliver the skincare products right into the dermis layer. Unlike micro needles used in the past, these nano needles do not cause any bleeding:

Lab Visage Nano Infusion Facial

And even though they are called needles, they don’t actually prick as bad. It feels more like ant bites. And for the more ‘fleshy’ parts of your face, such as the cheek area, it’s actually pretty painless – feels kinda like waxing with upward strokes. The area around my cheekbones, forehead and nose are sensitive so the combination of stinging + tickling was almost unbearable. However, let me just say that the results are AMAZING!

If your regular facial treatments are not giving you the results you desire, you should consider nano infusion because it achieves a high level of penetration of the skincare product into the dermis layer. It’s practically painless, has almost zero downtime and is fast and highly effective.

I’d requested for the hydration level of my skin to be tested before and after the facial because I am not really good at determining the effectiveness of a facial just by relying on the naked eye. Why not use technology to tell us if a hydrating facial actually worked?

Lab Visage Facial Review

That’s my hand holding the device and those are my actual results! Before the facial commenced, the result indicated “very dry” skin with “very low” elasticity. OMG. The numbers at the bottom may be too small for you to read but it’s ‘6’ for elasticity value and ‘7’ for moisture value. And this was taken before the therapist did anything to my face. I didn’t have makeup on, I’d taken the train to get to the clinic, and I’d figured there should be at least some facial oil on my face so the reading can’t be that bad, right? I was wrong.

After the facial, with the residue from the hydrating mask wiped off, the reading came as a shock to me. I suddenly had “very moist” skin that had “very high” elasticity, with an elasticity value of ’92’ and a moisture value of ’99’. WOW. I was sold on the facial.

My skin did feel a little dry the day after the facial because of the skin renewal process – older skin cells are pushed to the surface. So I returned to Lab Visage for a hydrating facial experience, and totally loved it.

Lab Visage Facial

You can contact Lab Visage to find out more about their current promotions for their facial treatments. There are introductory prices which are very, very attractive.


Lab Visage is located at #11-17, Novena Medical Centre. Tel: 6397 6009.