Make A Play-Doh Cupcake At Waterway Point

Playdoh Waterway Point

Play-Doh is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year! And if you shop at Waterway Point, you stand a chance to be part of an event that is making its way into the Singapore Book of Records. Spend $30 within the mall, and you get to create your own Play-Doh cupcake with all materials provided. Then contribute your play-doh cupcake to the huge Play-Doh Cupcake Tower. When I was there on Friday, there were already some 1700+ cupcakes, or so I was told.

Here are our creations:

Playdoh cupcake tower

It’s been such a LONG time since I’ve played with Play-Doh. I’d totally forgotten how ‘fresh’ play-doh feels like (straight out of the tub). Haha! And how it totally gets under your fingernails! Gosh. I do feel like buying some now!

While I was in the queue, I overheard a mother telling her son “Boy ah, later you must follow the instructions, step-by-step ok?” And while we were ‘making’ those cupcakes, another mother was telling her child “No, no, no, not like that. Use the other color. Go and get that…” and I was trying hard not to roll my eyes. It’s all about free play here. Just leave your child to do his/her own thing, ok? If you want it done YOUR way, just get in here yourself and make your own d*mn cupcake! Good grief. Singaporean kids are always taught to go by the book, and follow those darn instructions, and our creativity gets stifled from a young age.

If you’re a parent and you’re reading this, PLEASE just let your kids have fun, experiment, and make their own cupcakes the way THEY want them, not the way YOU would like. – rant over –

And here are some play-doh creations that my sis made:

Playdoh flowers

Without any prior training, she just did these on a whim. I told her she can consider being a Professional Play-Doh Artist/Sculptor! 😀