The Rosti Farm @ Waterway Point

Waterway Point The Rosti Farm

I usually get my rosti fix at Marche (Vivocity) so I was quite pleased to note that Waterway Point has a rosti place too. The Rosti Farm is located right in front of the Singtel shop at the mall’s East Wing (B1) and it is quite a cosy, little outlet with approximately 8 tables. During my visit, I noted that there were 3 baby chairs stacked at the side, so I guess that’s good for families. 🙂

Apart from rosti, you can also get a milkshake. This one is the double chocolate milkshake in mini size (210ml). It costs S$6 (yes, quite pricey!) You can also go for the Regular size (330ml) and it’ll cost you S$9. It’s really tasty though, like semi-solid ice cream.

Double Chocolate Milkshake

There’s also durian mao shan wang flavored milkshake for durian lovers! It’s priced between S$7 and S$14. Check in store! If you’re not a fan of milkshakes, there are many other drinks available, including teuscher’s swiss hot chocolate ($6 – $8).

As for the rosti, we had the Salted Eggnosaur (S$22, first picture) and the Cervelat Swiss National Sausage (S$10, with S$2 student discount on weekdays 2-5pm).

The Eggnosaur comes with 150g of black angus beef patty, cheese, sauteed mushrooms, a fried egg, and salted egg sauce! It’s very, very tasty indeed! You can add $4 for a double portion of rosti.

The Rosti Farm's Salted Eggnosaur

If you’re still hungry, you can also get one of their ala carte sides. I spotted ‘salted egg onion rings’ ($9) and curly fries ($7) among other things.

As for the Cervelat Swiss National Sausage, it comes with swiss cheese and a swiss cervelat sausage (120g, beef+pork). The cheese goes REALLY well with the rosti – I was so impressed! The sausage was tasty, but slightly overcooked I guess as the skin was really tough.

The Rosti Farm's Cervelat Swiss National Sausage

I’d suggest that unless you are a very hungry male diner, you simply stick with a single serving of rosti. Rosti is one dish that makes diners feel ‘jelat’ very quickly.

All things considered, The Rosti Farm offers a pleasant dining experience. I like that it’s just a small place, so there’s a limit to the number of diners. And you can, ideally, get your meals pretty quick. There’s also a condiments counter, and you can help yourself to more of the sauces and even the bright red paper napkins.

I’m a bit concerned about the cutlery though. They use plastic forks and knives here. And these one-use items are not very ecofriendly. The food is served on paper trays too (pictured above).

However, I guess you’ll like this place as there’s no GST and no service charge added to your bill. Another great place to dine at within Waterway Point! 🙂

The Rosti Farm is located at B1-K12 Waterway Point.