The Lighthouse @ Fullerton Hotel: Menu, Prices, Dress Code

The Lighthouse Fullerton

I had a most enjoyable dinner this week at The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel, with the Leks. Steven blogs at and he’s my blogging-student-turned-pal. When not traveling the world with his lovely wife Mel, he’s introducing me to the world of good food. LOL! Anyway, I like this picture because it shows you what we ate, part of the view we were treated to, and also how I got this loving couple to smile till their eyes almost disappeared. As there were 4 plates of food in front of them, I said something like “Wow! It looks like you guys are eating A LOT of food” – to which they smiled and I captured this almost-candid shot. 😀

The food in the picture above shows our mains for the evening: pasta, lamb, tuna and cod. I’ve developed a liking for cod fish recently and if I’m not eating salmon, I’m having cod.

And here’s the bread basket before our appetizers were served. I think the bread is REALLY important when you are eating at some fancy restaurant where serving portions are very small so your mains don’t fill you up. Thankfully, while the bread here is soft and fluffy, the food portions are decent too, so all of us walked out with bulging full bellies.

The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel


The Lighthouse appetizer 1

The Lighthouse appetizer 2

The food here at The Lighthouse is just really good! And we even managed to meet the chef – Chef Carlo – who came out to greet diners after all the food had been served. Hmm… how would I describe him… well, he looks like someone who enjoys food, and yet is a little bit shy (so cute). He’s not the kind of Italian who would take your hand and smother it in kisses, unlike some other Italian men I’ve met at events in the past. *And oh, the appetizers are really good. Especially the seafood that comes with an AMAZING and very addictive sauce. The anchovies(?) are surprisingly delicious too!

And here’s my cod fish.

The Lighthouse Cod Fish

The highlight of the meal has to be the dessert, of course. One thing they really get right here at The Lighthouse is their chocolate! And I LOVE chocolate, so trust me when I say it’s good.

This first one is the Warm Lava Chocolate Cake with ‘Bronte’ Pistachio Gelato ($24). It looks pretty unassuming from the outside, but cut it open and the chocolate oozes out (*yay*) and it is SO tasty!

The Lighthouse warm lava chocolate cake

Let the restaurant know if you’re having a celebration and they might just serve you this amazing cake. Chocolate once again and it’s so yummy. I don’t think it’s even on the menu.

The Lighthouse complimentary cake

Will include pictures of their menu in my next blogpost. Mains are priced between $28 and $88, with sides at $15 each. For dessert, there are just 6 choices, priced between $18 and $36.

As for the dress code, The Lighthouse probably states ‘smart casual’ on its website but I don’t think there are strict restrictions though it’s probably best if you don’t show up in shorts and slippers. I did panic a bit trying to figure out what I should wear to the restaurant. Settled on a sleeveless top and pants with slip-on loafers. Spotted another diner wearing a breezy knee-length cotton dress that could easily be worn to the beach over a bikini. As The Lighthouse is not a snobbish “fine dining” sort of restaurant, you don’t really need to get a headache over deciding on what to wear. Just something decent; like what one would wear to church.

How to get to The Lighthouse at Fullerton Hotel: Make your way to the hotel and take the lift up to the 8th floor. Follow the signage and take the spiral staircase up to the restaurant. You can also continue up the stairs to the rooftop bar. <- Not such a good idea if it’s raining as the staircase isn’t sheltered.

*If you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary, or a happy occasion of some soft, then this restaurant is really great for a memorable evening. There’s a beautiful view of the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, etc. The tables with the best views probably get reserved weeks in advance, so don’t forget to call and book first! 🙂