Why Women Make Men Waste Money Buying Flowers

Flower Delivery

I answered the door on Sunday and the courier, holding a bunch of flowers, asked for “Pearlyn”, to which I replied that “there’s no such person here”. Slightly peeved, I was about to shut the door when he managed to get my name right, and confirmed the bouquet WAS for me. I was really happy at receiving a surprise bouquet BUT when I found out how much it cost *gulp* I wondered if I should question my love about why he bought me flowers when I’ve specifically told him not too long ago that flowers are such a waste of money, and that he should not get me roses unless they are from Grace-approved sources, like Cold Storage, with roses under S$10. 😀

In the end, I decided that since he was so defiant sweet, *muacks*, I’d only give him my thanks and delight, instead of harping on how the flowers will be dead in a few days’ time, and how that money could have been better spent. I wonder how many other women would berate their boyfriends and husbands for spending money on a gift (it could be yet another branded bag, jewelry, or some expensive electrical appliance… like a curved TV OMG) instead of thanking the dude for the thought, the effort (of clicking around on a website) and the expense. So ladies, if your guy gets you flowers, just thank the dude and chill. That money can be earned back.

But have you wondered why women make men waste money on flowers? I came up with a few (possible) reasons…

#1: Peer Pressure

Come Valentine’s Day, it’ll be rather sad to be without a bouquet. If you’re single then it’s fine, you’re immune to iwantabouquetitis*. Otherwise, it’s like being the only kid in the canteen without a lunchbag from home. You somehow feel unloved. You may not really love flowers per se, but you don’t wish to be seen without them that day. So if his heart has to bleed while he empties his wallet at the florist’s, then so be it. #onlyonceayear

#2: The Test Of “True Love”


What would make a more depressing gift than one which you’ll watch die over the next couple of days or, at best, a week? You and I both know that flowers are a real waste of money, and yet they serve a purpose. For one, if your man is willing to spend an obscene exorbitant amount of money on a bouquet (especially on Valentine’s Day) for you, that must mean he really loves you. Two, it is an opportunity for him to demonstrate how much he knows about you. For instance, I know of a girl who is terrified of sunflowers. For some reason unknown to me, the center of sunflowers (black and spotty) freaks her out. And apparently, it is a legit phobia called Helianthophobia (fear of sunflowers). I suppose it’ll rank pretty high on your list of irrational phobias too. So, good luck to the gentleman who buys her sunflowers! As for me, pink and red roses are my thing, and I’m developing a love for peonies too. #hint_hint

#3: Flowers Boost Your Mood

Flowers boost mood

This might sound a bit contradictory, coming right after #2 but there is no doubt that flowers are mood-boosters. I love the sweet scent of roses, but only that from the actual flower and not the synthetic scent manufactured for products like soaps. Also, there’s probably a good reason why people buy flowers for loved ones who are recuperating in hospital. It brightens up one’s day.

#4: A REAL Love For Flowers

As a guy, you can easily tell who really loves flowers, and who’s trying to fake it. For instance, does “window-shopping” at a florist make her smile? Does she love picking up those flowers and inhaling their scent, even if she doesn’t buy them? (*If she just wants to snap pictures of flowers for posting on IG, it doesn’t count!) For instance, I really love hamsters, and each time I walk past a pet store, I’ll pop in to check out those hamsters, and I stalk a few ‘hamster accounts’ on Instagram. 😀 I could say the same for Hello Kitty too. I have a Kitty radar which helps me spot Kitty items in shopping malls before anyone else around me does. Haha!


So these are the reasons I came up with for why women make men spend money on flowers for them. (Do you have any more reasons to add?) But I guess the real “culprit” is all the advertising. Same thing with diamonds which have been repeatedly labeled as being “a girl’s best friend”. Like since when? Do you pour out your sorrows to your diamond necklace? Do your diamond earrings give you sound relationship advice? How in the world are diamonds our best friends?! 😛

*And yes, ‘bouquet envy’ is a thing. Hahaha!

If you’re pissed at flower prices, blame the marketers. 😀 😉 😛