Annoying Ads on YouTube: “Each Time I Would Wake Up Overflowing With Blood”

I watch A LOT of videos on Youtube and therefore I end up viewing a lot of ads on Youtube as well. Sometimes I get “Advertisement Rage” when the “Skip This Ad” button doesn’t appear and I have to watch the entire advertisement clip for the umpteenth time. Sometimes I mute the volume, and at other times I’ll just open a new browser window while the annoying ad plays. Here are some of the ridiculous very-hard-to-appreciate ads I’ve had to sit through recently:

#1: Kotex’s “Each Time I Would Wake Up Overflowing With Blood” ad

The first time this happened, my love was in the same room and he couldn’t help but hear this lady proclaim that she routinely wakes up overflowing with blood. And he was like “Whutttttt???!!!” It’s actually kinda hilarious if you’re listening to this ad for the first time. Subsequently, you’ll realize that she does not need a new-and-improved pad. She needs to go to the nearest hospital when she next wakes up overflowing in blood. A blood transfusion might be necessary. Poor thing.

#2: Magnum’s Double Chocolate Beast-Releasing Ad

This advertisement also appears on TV. Once, my mom asked “what animal is that?” and I said it’s probably a panther. To which she replied, “what has it got to do with ice cream?” Yes, it probably has nothing to do with ice cream at all. And when you see a panther coming down the street like that, you’d better run for your life. Forget about the ice cream.

#3: SurveyMonkey’s Japanese Ad (which also has a Malaysian version)

I have no idea what this Japanese man is saying. But I guess, from the title of the video ad, that it has something to do with sushi. Maybe, a sushi school?

To make things worse, I also got to watch the Malaysian version:

I have one question: Who is the one helping SurveyMonkey spend their ad dollars on YouTube ads? This person needs to get his/her act together… fast.


Have you spotted any other puzzling ads on YouTube?