BurgerUP @ Waterway Point: What To Order On Your First Visit

Waterway Point Burger UP

When Waterway Point opened early this year, BurgerUP was one of the first few food places I visited and blogged about. Back then, I had a complaint about the cold food served, but when I recently visited again some 5 months later, there have been improvements. For one, the food is now served warm. And I now know what to order. 😀

As you can see in the picture above, I had the Surf & Turf Burger (with Fish + Chicken patties) with breaded mushrooms and iced lemon tea. Previously, I’d ordered the Herba-licious Burger which I ended up not liking very much. This Surf & Turf one is pretty good. Next time I’ll try the Yuan Yang Burger. 🙂

My trainer pal recommended the breaded mushrooms, and I have to say they are pretty good too. Meaty and juicy, the white button mushrooms are quite big so I enjoyed them a fair bit. Hehe! The entire meal cost came up to S$11.60 – good for sharing too!

Here’s a tip when ordering:

Do modify the order before confirming, so you can add on certain ingredients for free, e.g. onions.