Deliveroo FINALLY Delivers Islandwide: Special Deals Till 14th August!

Deliveroo Singapore

Previously, Deliveroo operated only within a few zones, mainly within the CBD area, and I couldn’t place my order with them unless I’m at my love’s office. Now, Deliveroo delivers islandwide and they are having a celebration! Woohoo! 🙂 Last week was 1-for-1 Burger week, and this week they’re going Chinese. Last last week, I ordered burgers and chicken from Tenderfresh and today we had a tasting menu for 2 pax delivered from Mouth Restaurant. It was such great value with so many items to try! If you have yet to experience food delivery via Deliveroo, do so now (referral link at the end of this post for $10 off). If you have yet to try getting food delivered from an atas Chinese restaurant, now’s your chance. LOL!

I picked Mouth Restaurant for lunch today and it was pretty awesome. Mouth Restaurant served up a delicious century egg congee plus sides, and even the liu sha bao (salted egg yolk custard bun) tasted good despite being tabao-ed.

Mouth Restaurant Tasting Menu

There are many participating Chinese restaurants offering set menus this week, via Deliveroo. For 2 pax, just pay $25, and only $45 for 4 pax. Key in your postal code via Deliveroo’s website or app, and check out which restaurants will deliver to your stated location.

Here’s the liu sha bao…

Mouth Restaurant

I loved the congee and the braised tofu too – they are some of my favorite comfort foods. As for the iced lemon tea which came with the set, I was amused at how they came not in cups but in the plastic bowls which were also used for the porridge. Cling wrap between the bowl and the cover prevented spills – how clever! For just $25, we had quite a feast!

As for last week, we ordered burgers from Tenderfresh and it came with fries. S$6.90 bought us TWO sets of the burger + fries combo!


Apart from the fantastic deals and the opportunity to order from good Chinese restaurants (and skip the service charge, paying only $3 for the delivery fee), I also enjoyed the order process. I could track the order from the moment it is accepted by the restaurant to the time the Deliveroo rider is ‘en route’ or has arrived. Too cool!

Deliveroo Order Status

For both these orders, the riders came within the stated delivery time so I was most impressed! I’ve ordered from Deliveroo multiple times in the past, and so far, there was only once when they arrived late due to bad weather.

*As their customer, I’m given a referral link to share; it’ll give new customers S$10 off their bill, and also give me S$10 in credit to spend on my next meal delivery. Hehe! So feel free to click on the link/picture below and let’s indulge in some good food together! 🙂

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Upcoming Special Deals:

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