Awesome UK Cadbury Chocolates @ ValuDollar Stores

Singapore Cadbury chocolates

It was on a recent visit to a ValuDollar shop that I discovered their selection of Cadbury chocolates imported from the UK. I’ve not seen anything like that at local supermarkets so I did go on a shopping spree. Oops! 🙂 And since it’s ValuDollar, it’s not harsh on the wallet because their prices seem to be as stated: “Singapore’s Cheapest”. In fact, I once bought (chilled) Sparkling Ribena by the can at ValuDollar, for only 80 cents each. I cannot find such prices in NTUC fairprice, as it’s sold at S$1.40 (for a similar chilled can) there.

On my first visit to ValuDollar for chocolates, I bought these 4:

Cadbury UK

The brunch bars are REALLY good! It looks like a regular muesli bar, but it’s ten times more tasty with Cadbury’s chocolatey goodness. Seriously… you have to try it! I cannot remember the price for this item, but I paid just S$10.10 for all 4: brunch bar, mello, fingers and biscuits.

During a more recent visit, I went in search of other Cadbury items at ValuDollar. I found Shorties, Cookies, Dairy Milk Oreos and Sticky Puds.

ValuDollar Cadbury

The Shorties and Cookies come in rather large packs (despite the price) so I didn’t buy them for fear of the extra calories I cannot afford (*gulp*). I did succumb to the temptation of the Dairy Milk Oreos though, and my goodness, they are SO GOOD! As for the Sticky Puds, I gave them a miss as heating them up requires a microwave oven, which I do not have at home. Also, I don’t like using microwaves to heat or cook food.

One thing I’ve noticed, though, is that the UK chocolates don’t fare as well in Singapore’s weather. I left the Dairy Milk Oreos in my backpack, and they turned to mush overnight. LOL. Nothing a short stay in the fridge won’t fix, but I’m still amused at how these chocolates cannot handle SG’s heat.

*And oh, I don’t like stiff chocolate bars from the fridge. I like the semi-melted kind so I’m usually quite happy to leave chocolates out in the open (wrapped, of course). 😀

*Let me know if you spot other Cadbury yummies at ValuDollar! 🙂