The Coffeebean And Tea Leaf @ Waterway Point: Chicago Cheesecake!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Chicago Cheesecake

I’d previously bought the ‘Light Cheese Cake’ from Swee Heng 1989 Classic at Waterway Point and found it was indeed very light, with an airy texture that reminded me of Bengawan Solo’s pandan cake. On Instagram, I asked where I could find good cheese-y cheesecakes in Singapore, and I was told that Coffee Bean has a Chicago Cheesecake that’s pretty good. So I popped by Waterway Point today in search of dessert. šŸ˜€

For S$6.50 a slice, you can get a taste of Coffee Bean’s Chicago Cheesecake. Taste-wise, it’s really good. And it tasted a little zesty too. I have no experience with baking cheesecakes so I have no idea if there are cheeses which taste zesty, or if the baker adds some orange zest, maybe. But it helps prevent the cake from being too jelat. Unfortunately, the base of the cake was a little wet – wet enough to stain the base of the cake box. Not sure if it’s because the cake has been sitting around for a while at the Coffee Bean store. After all, it’s a weekday and business might not have been as brisk as on the weekends. Still, the taste wasn’t actually compromised.

If you’re a fan of Chicago Cheesecake, go ahead and get a slice at Coffee Bean. The outlet at Waterway Point is located at #01-29. Tel: 6386 0463.