Chop Chop @ Waterway Point: Fried Chicken With Awesome Sauce

Chop Chop Fried Chicken Rice Bowl

Looks are truly deceiving: this Fried Chicken Rice Bowl with Chop Chop Sauce is really delicious. And the magic is in that sauce. I ended up eating too much fried chicken yesterday, and I’m paying for it today with a sore throat (and flu). Haha! But let me tell you more about this meal. Chop Chop is located at B2-01 of Waterway Point, and I finally popped by yesterday as it seemed pretty deserted before the dinner crowd descended upon the mall.

My first impression of this fried chicken restaurant is that it’s bright and cheery with bright yellow tabletops and no staff in sight. It’s super manpower-lean! You check out the menu overhead, key in your order at one of three touchscreen terminals, and pay using the NETS device attached. You get a receipt, take a seat, and wait for your ticket number to appear on the LED screen above the collection counter.

Chop Chop Waterway Point restaurant

When your number is called, you head over to the counter, collect your tray, pick up plastic utensils and chili packets by the side, then head over to your right to the drinks dispenser where you can fill the empty cup you got with your meal with a drink of your choice. I picked H-TWO-O. The total number of staff you might see at this restaurant: 1. At the collection window. How awesomely manpower-lean this restaurant is!

Of course, there are both pros and cons. There’s no human touch here: no one to welcome you into the restaurant or to usher you to a table, no one to advise you regarding which items are bestsellers, and there’s no one to have a human connection with. You simply pay, eat, and go. I hope this won’t be the future of all F&B businesses in Singapore.

On the bright-and-cheery side of things, there’s no one to encourage you to upsize your meal, either. Also, you can take your own sweet time to decide what you want to eat, without staff rolling their eyes at your indecisive self. Sure, people may tsk behind your back, but out of sight, out of mind. šŸ˜€

Here’s the menu:

Chop Chop Menu

For such a manpower-lean business, I’d have to say that I wish the prices are a little lower. Yes, the food is good, no doubt. That chop chop sauce is amazeballs, though for the life of me I cannot figure out its ingredients – it’s spicy and reminds me of wasabi, yet it could also have mayonnaise in it. Whatever it is, it’s good. And the rice appears to be the sticky, Japanese kinda rice that you find at sushi places. The sous vide egg looks good but doesn’t have a runny center, and could do with a tiny bit of seasoning.

This rice “bowl” and drink cost S$10.90. If it were to be attractive enough for me to consider eating at Chop Chop at least once, if not twice a week, then it should probably cost around S$6.90 to S$8.90 max. šŸ™‚

As for its name “Chop Chop”, well, don’t expect the food to be served up really fast like at regular fast food restaurants. But I wouldn’t complain as the rice was served really warm, that chop chop sauce was very good, and it’s hard to go wrong with fried chicken. Wash it down with ice-cold H-TWO-O and *burp* your belly will be very happy. šŸ˜€ Haha!