BreadTalk Changes Its Promotions Within A Day After Initial Feedback

BreadTalk Singapore

In the picture above, you see the voucher booklet that BreadTalk is selling at S$16 as part of its 16th Anniversary celebrations! Launched on Monday (4th July), there are vouchers you can use to redeem for free buns for each day of the week. On Monday, I used one coupon to redeem a free Fire Flosss bun from BreadTalk, and looked forward to returning on Tuesday to redeem a Pillow Raisin bun. On Tuesday, however, staff told me that I could redeem more than one bun a day, as the terms and conditions of the promotion had been changed!


  1. Instead of redeeming the bun stated on each voucher, customers can choose any bun within the store that costs under S$2.
  2. Instead of redeeming just 1 bun a day, you can redeem as many as you want to, depending on the number of vouchers you have.

What I noticed on Tuesday was that almost every customer in the queue was easily convinced to get one of these booklets because it’s great value for money. You can purchase it and use the vouchers immediately! As long as the bun you have picked is under S$2, you can redeem it using one coupon. Each booklet has 14 free bun vouchers, which you can use anytime from now till 31 August 2016.

Other vouchers / promotions include:

  1. 6 FLOSSS buns for S$8
  2. 6 Steam Cakes for S$6
  3. S$10 off minimum S$20 spending in a single receipt
  4. 16% off regular or classic cakes
  5. Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hokkaido Roll
  6. Free Golden Lava Croissant when you buy 2
  7. Free Yeo’s 100% Natural Coconut Water when you purchase any 2 FLOSSS buns
  8. Free Yeo’s Soy Bean Milk / Sjora when you purchase any 2 buns

I was impressed at how quickly BreadTalk changed its promotions’ terms and conditions based on customer feedback. For one, I don’t really like sausage buns and out of the 14 free bun vouchers, 4 were for sausage buns. Now, instead of redeeming sausage buns, I can use those 4 vouchers to redeem my favorite buns – Fire Flosss and Pillow Raisin. 😀

Go get your voucher booklet now!~


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