Most Hilarious Responses to Lottery and DHL Scammers

Singapore DHL Scam

There are now so many scams in Singapore that we can probably call our country “Scammed City”. Hot on the heels of the DHL scam is the SP Services Scam. And I guess we are absolutely helpless when it comes to these scams; call police also no use ah! If nabbing a bank robber (who’s physically in Singapore) already takes a while, then it’ll be next to impossible to catch a scammer who is likely overseas. While some Singaporeans have fallen prey to these horrible scammers, others have come up with interesting ways to “con” those scammers too. Here are some of the hilarious responses I’ve read about online. Take that, you Lottery and DHL Scammers! 😀

*This first one’s not from Singapore*

Lottery Scammer: We will wire you the 50,000 pounds you’ve won. We need your bank account details. What is the name of your bank?
Lady: Ok sure. The name of my bank is PIGGY BANK. The account number is 5432…

Piggy Bank Lottery Scammer

*And for our favorite scammers from “DHL”*

DHL Scammer: You need to go immediately to…
Lady: But I’m in the middle of killing someone. Can this wait?
DHL Scammer: We need you to transfer…
Lady: Ok can. But I need to kill this person first!

DHL Scammer: What’s your full name?
Guy: (*comes up with a fake Chinese name)
DHL Scammer: How do you spell that?
Guy: Erm… *sound of crickets* (Singaporeans are really quite bad at Chinese spelling)
DHL Scammer: It’s ok, I got it. There’s a package here with your name on it.

DHL Scammer: You have a package…
Guy: Wo Bu Zhi Dao (meaning ‘I don’t know’)
DHL Scammer: blah blah blah…
Guy: Wo Ai Ni (meaning ‘I love you’)
DHL Scammer hangs up.


There’s really no point calling the police with regard to these scams, especially if you did not lose any money to these scammers. Let the police first try to find the robber who brazenly walked into a bank, revealed no weapon, but managed to walk out with S$30,000. If banks can be robbed so easily, I think we’re all just sitting ducks for more scams coming our way. If cyber security is enhanced when civil servants get no internet access, then perhaps we will be safe from scams if we just keep our phones on silent mode the whole day. Woohoo!~


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