That L’Oreal Paris Ad Featuring Hot Mommy Blogger Tammy Tay

If you’ve yet to watch the ad featuring hot mommy blogger, Tammy Tay, click on the video embedded above! 🙂 It’s definitely an attention-grabbing ad especially when she says “I felt like giving up my life”. Why would a really pretty, very hot mommy blogger who’s probably inundated with ad requests every month, and who runs a popular online clothing store, ever feel like giving up her life?

L’Oreal Paris’ second wave of ads involves Pan Ling Ling. Once again, it’s touching, and probably tear-jerking too. But this one with Tammy Tay will likely resonate with many young people. Though it’s a rather concise ad, nothing long-winded, she touches on a number of points…

#1: Self-esteem issues and that “constant need to be well-liked, to be accepted and to stand out”

I think this is something everyone encounters at some point. And then we might realize that there are other things which are more important to us. For instance, the love from family and friends is more important to me than fame and fortune. So many people are famous, rich, surrounded by fans who adore/respect/stalk them, but they go through divorces, depression and some even kill themselves. So is there a real need to be well-liked by all, accepted by the “cool” folks and to stand out so you don’t feel left out? What if you already have all you need to be happy?

#2: Nice comments = affirmation = feel good. Mean comments = defeated = feel everyone is against me

I guess everyone with some kind of online presence will encounter negative comments at some point, whether you are a blogger, youtuber or instagrammer (or what have you). But I guess what people say about you is not a description of who you are, but a reflection of who they really are. If their hearts aren’t pure, there’s nothing nice that they can say about you. In which case, you have to pay no attention to what they say or think of you. Because what they think of you is really… none of your business. 🙂 Often, what people dare to say about you online, they don’t have the balls to say to your face in person.

#3: Stay true to yourself

Tammy is a single mom who caused quite a stir online when she first revealed that she was pregnant (with her first child) and that she was going to have the baby but not marry the baby’s father just yet as they hadn’t known each other for a long time and she wasn’t sure if he’s the right life partner for her.

I think she’s super courageous, and I do support her decision. Other people might think that the child should not be brought up without a father figure but wouldn’t it be worse if the man is pressured into marrying her but they eventually split up? It is never easy for children whose parents get divorced, especially when the split happened while the children are still young. If they are already adults, then it’s not as traumatic, I guess. But I’ve yet to meet an adult who’s well-adjusted after his/her parents split ways while they were still young.

And now, Tammy has a second child too. I feel very happy for her. I know that regardless of whether she has a husband or not, she’ll be a good mother to her children. After all, how many female bloggers would give up their blogging career just to protect their family from the mean people online?

#4: Positivity begets positivity and good things will come your way

I like that this ad comes with an inspiring message, kinda like Dove ads in the past. 🙂 If you can choose to be anything you want today, choose to be happy. 😉