5 Best PR Firms In Singapore

As a business and lifestyle blogger, I get to work with many PR agencies in Singapore, and I’ve found that there are some PR firms which I absolutely adore and there are others I cannot wait to erase from memory. šŸ˜€ In this particular post, I’ll be sharing about why some PR firms are awesome, and why companies (whether large or small) should consider working with them, and no, I’ll leave out those firms which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone (if you want to ask for my opinion before engaging a firm not listed in this blogpost, feel free to drop me an email). Please note that this is a non-exhaustive list. I might share about a few more firms I enjoy working with in another blogpost. šŸ™‚

Here, in no particular order of merit, are 5 of my current favorite PR firms to work with:

#1: Dunbar-Jones & AssociatesĀ 

BRANDS Essence of Chicken

I’ve worked with them previously for campaigns for clients such asĀ BRAND’S and Capri by Fraser. I love agencies / people with integrity. If they run a blogger contest, for instance, they give out the prizes they said they’ll give out. And bloggers are happy collaborating with them, and hold their clients in even higher regard. On the flipside, I have encountered one particular PR firm with a lack of integrity – a blogger contest was run for a candy store’s new outlet; 3 winners were supposed to be picked, but they secretly chose only one person and refused to reveal who the winner was. I eventually found out. I started out loving the brand (before working with the PR company) and now I wouldn’t go near it at all. The brand became, by association, as repulsive as the PR company. So, bosses, if you’re looking for a PR firm to manage your campaign, and possibly engage some bloggers / youtubers / social media influencers along the way, look for one which bloggers actually love and trust.


SK-II Festive Party 2014

I’ve worked with them for articles about brands like SK-II, ACUVUE and Pantene. If you have a decent budget, and want to create an experience (perhaps at a launch event) that will absolutely blow bloggers (and the media) away, and have them remember how awesome it was for a long time after, then DEVRIES is pretty good. I have them almost top-of-mind now anytime someone asks me for a recommendation. Because they’re so awesome though, I suspect they aren’t cheap. As you already know: good, cheap, fast -you can only pick 2 out of these 3.

#3: SPRG

My Little Pony Run 2016

I’ve worked with SPRG on a number of events, including the NTUC Income RUN 350, Pocari Sweat Run, My Little Pony Friendship Run, etc. The most recent one was the Pocari Sweat Run and I must say that one reason I deem the run THE most enjoyable one out of all the runs I’ve taken part in is because the PR folks are really nice, and helpful! Their staff are also pretty and capable young women – really easy on the eyes.

#4: Hill+Knowlton StrategiesĀ 

Hello Kitty Run Singapore

I think I’ve worked with them on at least one occasion, for the Hello Kitty Run, I believe. I don’t know if they approached many female bloggers, or if they did their homework and found out I LOVE hello kitty! šŸ˜€ In any case, it is very important when you’re picking a PR firm to engage, that you find one which knows its stuff, does all its homework, and doesn’t end up sending invites and information to bloggers who don’t even like your brand, products or services.

#5: PR CommunicationsĀ 

Deliveroo Plain Vanilla Cupcakes

I worked with PR Communications on articles forĀ Deliveroo and very soon, a mooncake brand as well. I like how open they are to ideas from bloggers. I think this is very important as sometimes we might have pretty good ideas that could help achieve the brand’s aims. So a PR firm that listens, and empowers, is one that could give companies an edge over their competitors. šŸ™‚

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All in all, I think there are many good PR firms in Singapore, and there are some GREAT ones. I wouldn’t say I’ve worked with them all because there are way too many of them around. But I do hope this list helps people who are thinking of engaging a PR agency! šŸ™‚ If you’re gonna spend good money, you might as well spend it wisely. *wink*


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