Marriott Hotel Dinner Buffet: AWESOME 1-For-1 Promotion!

Marriott Hotel Buffet

If you don’t already know, Marriott Hotel‘s Marriott Cafe serves up a pretty decent buffet. I’ve eaten there once before, so I knew what to expect when we popped by again yesterday evening. Our table of 4 ate till we had food babies, and we walked out with bulging bellies, satisfied. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on what remained really delicious since my last visit, and what I’ll probably not put on my plate next time.

If you love seafood like we do, then you’ll love the fresh OYSTERS, CRAYFISH, PRAWNS and the sashimi at the Marriott buffet. The oysters were delicious and I lost track of how much salmon sashimi I actually ate! 😀 The tuna sashimi wasn’t very good though; they included certain cuts of the fish that were tough and stringy (It was the first time I spat out sashimi because it was just too difficult to chew and too big a piece to swallow anyway). (@_@)

There are also many cooked dishes to try. The chefs are really good with beef, I think. The beef cheek and beef rendang were simply sedap! I didn’t eat the roast duck and other meats though. (Anyway, I only seem to like the duck from London Fat Duck)

I thought the highlight of the meal would be the Singapore Chili Crab dish when I spotted it. However, it was a major disappointment. The sauce was lacklustre, the crabs weren’t that big anyway (no Sri Lankan crabs here, I guess) and the mantous were tough, dry, and probably not that well-cooked in the middle (I suppose they went from freezer to fryer without being thawed properly).

Looked good, but didn’t taste so great:

Marriott Hotel Buffet Singapore Chili Crab

I hope foreigners don’t try this dish and think Singapore Chili Crab doesn’t live up to the hype. *sigh* But as my pal said, the chefs cook multiple dishes for the buffet spread so you can’t really expect them to be awesome at everything, unlike chefs elsewhere who (perhaps) specialize in cooking just one dish.

We didn’t touch anything at the salad bar, and we didn’t take any of the breads available. Also, I noted that the cut fruits didn’t look all that fresh, though perhaps they might have been.

There’s a pretty extensive dessert bar at the buffet. Many different cakes to choose from. But we ended the day with ice cream. There were 5 flavors: Chocolate, Mango, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry and Vanilla. You can go ahead and decorate your ice cream cone with some of those yummy chocolate pearls. 😀

Singapore Marriott Hotel buffet dinner


The dinner buffet costs S$70++ per person. And the 1-for-1 promo is for those with DBS credit cards. You’ll have to make a reservation in advance via the Chope site. Hopefully, you’ll manage to get a table as I won’t be surprised if the restaurant’s fully booked till the end of August because of this fabulous promotion! 😀