Sunday Market: Good Brunch Place In Kovan But Pick Tables Wisely!

Sunday Market brunch

I don’t usually eat brunch, and I most certainly do not visit “hipster cafes” just for brunch and the opportunity to get instagram-worthy snaps (I think that’s too much trouble, really). Today, we popped by Sunday Market which is around the Kovan area. Even though it’s called ‘Sunday Market’, it’s actually open everyday. I’ll include their operating hours for National Day at the end of this blogpost. 🙂

The reason we came here for brunch was because my love had bought a Groupon voucher, and it was expiring soon. I didn’t even know this place existed. So, thank you, Groupon!

There’s a carpark right in front of the row of shophouses, and Sunday Market’s right at the end of the row.

Sunday Market

The cafe is somewhat divided into two portions. The first half houses the ice cream counter, cash register, etc. I’d recommend that you SIT HERE. The second half of the cafe houses the *erm* toilet. I don’t recommend you sit there. When we first entered the cafe, we got a shock – from outside, it seemed like the cafe was located in an ulu part of Singapore and that it might be rather deserted within too, but the inside was FILLED with diners. We took the only unoccupied table which was way at the end of the cafe, beside a huge standing fan.

While we were waiting for our orders to be filled, I noticed there were non-food smells within the area we were seated. Behind me, about 2 metres away, were the toilets, half hidden behind curtains. The thought of eating so close to the loo was a little revolting. And since the food had yet to be served, we bolted to the front of the cafe where, thankfully, a table had just been vacated! *Phew*

Sunday Market Lim Tua Tow Road

While I was settling the bill, I noticed that the cafe has an ‘A’ for hygiene and cleanliness, which was very reassuring. The staff also wore tshirts stating the address of the cafe: 22 Lim Tua Tow Road. Cute!

Now, for the food…

The Big Breakfast $19++

Sunday Market The Big Breakfast

There’s grilled chicken cheese sausage, turkey bacon, baked beans, scrambled egg, roasted mushrooms, roasted tomato, hashbrown, salad and toasted bread. It’s quite a spread, really. Though I probably won’t pay $19++ for it. I’d have loved more of the mushrooms, for one. The scrambled egg needs more seasoning. And the hashbrown probably shouldn’t have been cut up. This dish lacks a star ingredient that will make the whole dish shine. Otherwise, I’ll much rather pay less for a Big Breakfast meal at McD.

*Based on the ingredients in this dish, I’d hazard a guess that this cafe is a halal one. And most of their staff are Malays so I suppose I might be right.

Duck Confit Hash $17++

Sunday Market Duck Confit Hash

When this dish was served, I looked at the two fried eggs and went ‘wow’. Quite a treat! Underneath the eggs were the baby potatoes (too few of them), shredded duck leg (which was SO YUMMY), caramelized onions (again, too few), toasted bread, etc. On the menu, it is stated that there’ll be “Crispy Duck Skin” as well, but I didn’t see any on this plate. Despite all that, I have to say that the duck was incredible – seasoned and cooked to perfection. It was so tender. I couldn’t get enough of it. Give me more potatoes and I’ll give this dish top marks.


All in all, I think the food here is satisfying – if you’ve ordered the duck confit, you’ll want to tell a friend. Service was prompt and the wait staff were friendly as can be during their busy brunch hour(s) service. I liked that iced water was served almost as soon as we sat down at a table – no need to ask, no need to pay. 😀 Price-wise, I think it’s great to visit when you have a Groupon voucher. And it’s best to sit at the front of the cafe. #dontsayididnttellyou

Sunday Market is open Mon to Fri 11am to 11pm, Sat 9am to 11pm, Sun: 9am to 9pm.

National Day Opening Hrs: Brunch (9am to 3.30pm), Regular Menu (430pm to 11pm).

Tel: 6287 8880.

22 Lim Tua Tow Road, Singapore 547772.