Seoul Jjimdak @ City Sq Mall: 51% Discount Till End-August*

Seoul Jjimdak

Fans of Korean food are in for a yummy treat! Seoul Jjimdak, a 3-month-old Korean restaurant at City Square Mall, is celebrating our nation’s birthday with 51% off their fan favorites: Seoul Jjimdak and Army Stew!* What this means is 2 to 3 people can share a meal of Korean ‘comfort food’, for just S$16.60! Do not miss this great deal, which will last only till end-August. It’s available DAILY (even weekends) between 1130am and 3pm, so it’s great for families, staff lunches and friend gatherings! 🙂 Because of their generous SG51 gesture, I’ll have to crown them the Best Korean Restaurant in Singapore for good food in a comfortable, casual setting! 🙂

Seoul Jjimdak’s motto is “Doing Simple Food Good” and it’s easy to see how they’ve kept to it. The restaurant’s name is the same as one of their hit favorites: Seoul Jjimdak. Jjimdak, in Korean, refers to braised dishes. Sometimes it’s also called ‘dakjjim’. ‘Dak’ means ‘chicken’ and ‘Jjim’ indicates something that’s steamed, stewed or braised.

The Seoul Jjimdak (S$33.90, now S$16.60) comes with braised chicken, potatoes, onions, dried chili and chewy glass potato noodles. You can choose to have the boneless version if you prefer a fuss-free dining experience like I do. It’s a really big serving, so go ahead and bring a friend or two! I specially invited my photographer pal from Hearted Moments as his skinny genes are a constant cause of envy for me. See how happy he is at being able to eat all he wants and never ever put on weight…

Seoul Jjimdak city square mall

Seoul Jjimdak boneless

Even though there’s dried chili, I found this dish sweet, and not spicy at all. I think children will enjoy this dish. And speaking of children, the restaurant has high chairs for kids so go ahead and ask for them. Also, some of the tables come with adequate space at the sides for your prams. If you’re wondering, this restaurant can seat around 60 diners, so bring all your colleagues and friends!

I really like the Seoul Jjimdak dish as it has my favorite ingredients – potatoes and chicken – braised to perfection. And the restaurant is so generous with the potatoes too! You can also opt for additional toppings, such as prawns & mussels for $5.90, assorted mushrooms $4.90, mozzarella cheese $2.90, etc.

*If you’re dining alone, go ahead and order the “mini” Boneless Jjimdak at just S$12.90. You can add $1 each for mushroom and cheese. 🙂

If you prefer something more spicy, then choose the Army Stew (S$33.90, now S$16.60) which is a kimchi stew with luncheon meat (OH YES!), pork belly strips, vegetables, baked beans, tofu, etc! Likewise, you can opt for additional toppings such as sausages for $3.90, double cheese $3.90, etc!

Seoul Jjimdak Army Stew

Because it’s such a BIG serving, you won’t be able to finish it all very quickly. But no worries, you can heat up the food anytime you want with just a turn of the switch! So thoughtful!

Seoul Jjimdak Promotion

I liked having instant noodles with the Army Stew – it’s a nice contrast with the ‘chewy glass potato noodles’ in the Seoul Jjimdak. And anything with luncheon meat and pork belly in it has to taste good, as you can probably already guess. If it gets too spicy for you, just take a sip of the (free) cold water served or eat some of the pickles that come with the meal.


Seoul Jjimdak drinks

We couldn’t resist the soda too, so yeah. 😀 *Tip: The orange one was my fav!

Then the Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki (S$11.90) was served, as what’s a Korean meal without rice cake? We were so busy indulging in the Jjimdak that this dish had already cooled down by the time we tasted it. However, my pal realised that the rice cake could be dipped into the Army Stew and still taste awesome. So, here’s a tip for you, eat this right after it’s served! 😀 The Jjimdak and Army Stew can be reheated at any time so there’s no hurry.

Seoul Jjimdak Spicy Cheese Tteokbokki

And we also had to try the Chef’s Recommendation: Seafood Pancake (S$14.90). I think kids will love this one as it’s tasty, not spicy at all, and it’s so crispy. It’s made with fresh spring onions, prawns and squid…

Seafood Pancake

If you’re still hungry, you can order the steamed egg (S$9.90), kimchi cheese fries (S$6.90) and the spicy seafood soup (S$12.90).

Seoul Jjimdak sides

Kids and the elderly alike will love the steamed egg. Cheese fries are always a hit, and the addition of kimchi gives it added oomph (must try!). Meanwhile, I simply love spicy soup with seafood (that have big, fresh prawns) like tom yam soup, so this soup’s also a must-order dish.

So, pick your favorite stew and side dishes and have a yummilicious meal at Seoul Jjimdak! 🙂

~ Take advantage of this awesome SG51 promo now! ~

Seoul Jjimdak SG51 Promo

Seoul Jjimdak is located at #05-04, City Square Mall, Singapore 208539. Tel: 66342668.

*The restaurant is not taking reservations for this lunchtime SG51 promo. Walk-ins only! 🙂