How To Make Delicious Bergedil, Indonesian-style

resepi bergedil simple

I love getting bergedil whenever I order a meal of Indonesian nasi padang. If bergedil is sold out, I might just not order food at that stall and go eat dumpling noodles or cai fan (economical rice) instead. This is how much I love bergedil. So when I found an Indonesian who knows how to prepare and cook bergedil, I had to ask her to teach me.

In case you’re wondering what the fuss is about, since bergedil can be found at most food places selling Muslim food, I have to say that not everyone knows how to make good bergedil. It’s not like chicken, in which it tastes good (almost naturally) if you get it deep-fried, for instance. It’s hard to go wrong with an ingredient like chicken, but when you’re buying bergedil at a stall you’ve never patronized before, sometimes it could be a hit-or-miss situation. Hence, if you want to have control over what your bergedil tastes like, you’ll just have to learn to make it yourself.

*For the record, I’ve eaten some really horrible bergedil before – either really hard, really dry, or really salty. 😦

Bergedil requires only the simplest of ingredients so you might already have them at home:

(1) Chop up some small onions and fry them till they’re golden brown. Peel, cook and mash some potatoes till they’re really soft and mushy (put on some kitchen gloves and use your hands if you have to).

how to make bergedil

(2) Chop up some chives and spring onions (the quantity depends on how much you like them). And add them to your potato+fried onions, together with some salt and pepper to taste.

(3) You can make bergedil in all sorts of shapes: balls, flat or even heart-shaped ones (like I did) Go ahead and be creative. *This would be a fun project for the children at home too. Coat your creations in some egg…

bergedil recipe

(4) Fry them till they are golden-brown. If you prefer a more crispy ‘skin’ then let it sit longer in the pan.

how to cook bergedil

Ta-dah! Enjoy your bergedil

resepi bergedil simple

*If you happen to have sambal belacan at home, yum, it’ll certainly go well with bergedil and rice.

*You can add any other ingredient you like, e.g. chicken, fish, etc. I might try adding chili padi next time so the bergedil has a fiery kick to it. πŸ˜€

Thank God for potatoes, which taste so yummy whether as fries (curly, shoestring, crinkle cut, etc), wedges, baked, mashed, in salads, and especially in bergedil! πŸ˜€