Janice Wong’s Edible Art: Colorful Chocolates, Magical Mooncakes

Janice Wong chocolates and mooncakes

Albert Einstein famously said that “Creativity is intelligence having fun” thus I think Janice Wong is one heck of an intelligent chef. Those chocolates are so playful yet so aesthetically pleasing, and the mochi mooncakes are like beautifully wrapped surprise packages. I actually ate one that has popping candy within! Amazeballs!

I follow Janice on Instagram so I knew that she’d launched a collection of mochi mooncakes (that retail for something like S$8 a piece). They’re terribly pretty…

Janice Wong mochi mooncake set

[ Image: Mooncake set from JaniceWong.com.sg ]

So when I found out that there’s a workshop involving the pairing of 4 of these mooncakes with Pryce Tea, I signed up for it. (In case you’re wondering, the workshop is a one-off session, and to my knowledge, there won’t be any other future sessions. But you can still buy Pryce Tea and Janice Wong mooncakes [[separately] at places like TANGS and Takashimaya) 🙂

For those interested in mooncake + tea pairing, here’s what we had:
– Cherry Blossom tea paired with Japanese Yuzu mooncake
– Ginger Garden tea paired with Ginger Flower Rojak mooncake
– Peach Bellini tea paired with Praline Poprocks mooncake
– Mandarin Pu Erh tea paired with Dark Chocolate Truffle Infinity of 99% mooncake

Tian Peng from Pryce Tea also let us sample the Vanda Miss Joaquim tea which was the best of the lot.

And what is a mochi mooncake?

Mochi Mooncakes

Each one is made up of 4 layers. Snow skin on top of lima white bean paste, a mochi layer, and a chocolate core. These mooncakes are deliberately made to taste less sweet so you can eat more than one (clever!) As I’ve only sampled 4 flavors, I won’t be able to tell you which is the best of the lot. Go try it all yourself! 😀

The mooncakes come in various flavors. There’s also Laksa Leaf Lemongrass, Chilli Padi, Chendol Red Bean, Kaffir Lime Caramel, Gula Melaka Pandan, Bak Kwa Poprocks, Condensed Milk Truffle, Salted Egg, etc. Worth that 8 bucks each? Yes, I think so.