What To Eat At Sengkang Compass One

Sengkang Compass One

Sengkang Compass One on (Re)Opening Day, 1st Sept 2016 (Copyright: Hearted Moments Photography)

Are all the shops at Sengkang’s Compass One open? No. Should you visit anyway? Yes. Sengkang’s Compass One opened to much fanfare this morning at 10am. And I was one of those “don’t-need-to-work” folks who thronged the mall in search of all things new and sparkly. (In my defense, blogging is work too). I was in search of eateries and restaurants that I’ve missed since CompassPoint shut for renovation (and a change of management) and those which are not available at Waterway Point currently. And you’ll be surprised at what I ended up picking for “brunch”.

First, a picture of my fellow don’t-need-to-work shoppers. Almost everyone was taking pictures of the lion dance troupe. Come to think of it, what would they do with those pictures? *shrug*

Sengkang Compass One mall

In this post, I’ll share with you three categories for the food places you might want to visit at Sengkang Compass One:

#1: Food You Simply Have To Try (For Bragging Rights)

eyescream and friends singapore

If you are a fan of shaved ice, you might be happy to note that there’s now shaved gelato too! Located at B1-42, ‘eyescream & friends’ hails from Barcelona and is now ready to tickle your tastebuds! There are 7 flavors to choose from: Vanilla, Chocolate, Yoghurt, Strawberry, Cheesecake, Wildberry Yoghurt and Mango. Just a bowl of ‘eyescream’ costs $4.90. Add $2 and get 2 toppings (such as gummy bears and marshmallows) to go with it.

*Tip: The staff told me their favs are Cheesecake, Yoghurt and Mango. So I picked Cheesecake, and it was GOOD!

Lollipops are at $4.90 each while you can get gelato shakes at $5.90…

eyescream and friends compass one

There’s also Maki-San (not open yet) which I so want to eat again, Royal London Duck (is it the same as London Fat Duck at Waterway Point?!), and many more that have not been unveiled.

#2: Food You Won’t Need To Travel So Far For Anymore

Pine Garden Compass One

The Pine Garden (that famous cake shop in AMK) and its sister company Next Door Deli will open soon at Compass One. It states on the temporary hoarding that it’s opening in August 2016 but it’s evidently not ready for business yet. I guess good things are always worth the wait. I’ll be back! 🙂 There’s also Ayam Penyet Ria (#01-34), Gurney Drive Signatures (#03-13), etc.

#3: Old Favorites That You’ve Missed

MOS Burger Sengkang Compass One

Yup, I ate a MOS Burger meal for brunch today. Staff were giving out fliers with a ‘FREE french fries’ tear-out coupon. This is the reason why some people like myself visit malls on opening day even though we know it’ll be crowded: FREEBIES! Yup, we had free llao llao samples, there were balloons given out, popcorn too, and various stalls had their own Opening Day promotions.

If you’ve missed Canton Paradise, Soup Restaurant, Yoshinoya, etc, like I have, well, THEY ARE BACK! 😀


As you might probably notice in this picture below, some shops still have their pink and blue (and a couple other colors) temporary hoardings up. But I guess this soft launch is great for Sengkang residents who have been holding their breath waiting for the mall to re-open. I understand their joy because I waited years for a mall like Waterway Point to finally sprout up in Punggol too. 😀

When Waterway Point first opened to the public, I had a meal at Pizza Hut. Simply because everywhere else was crowded. With Compass One, I guess I just missed MOS Burger a little and some of the restaurants and eateries I want to visit aren’t open yet.

So… I guess I’ll be back again very soon! ~

Sengkang Compass One previously CompassPoint