5 Must-Try Bar Bites @ Caffé B, Marina Bay Sands

Caffe B Marina Bay Sands

I had lunch with love and my photographer pal yesterday at Caffé B, Marina Bay Sands. I don’t usually visit MBS for food because it’s rather pricey there (even “economical” rice, or cai fan, at the foodcourt, can easily cost upwards of S$10, three times what you’ll pay elsewhere). So I was pleasantly surprised to find that there’s a Japanese Italian fine-dining restaurant which serves really tasty food at decent prices. And they all cost S$24 or less! Of course, these are quick bites which will go really well with the fine wine selection at this restaurant. 🙂 With comfortable seats, pristine white tablecloths and gorgeous chandeliers, the ambiance in the restaurant deserves top marks. It’s a pretty posh setting that is perfect for date nights, so… how’s the food fare?

First up, here’s the *drumroll*… BEEF CHEEK! 😀

Caffe B Beef Cheek Patty

Let’s just say that if I had time/money for just one item on the menu, it’d be beef cheek. Hehe! I’m a huge fan of this dish. I think the Beef Cheek Patty ($19) has been slow-cooked to perfection. I like the pairing with beet root on top too! 🙂 Order this! Portion size is just right for one person, so tell your fellow diners to order their own. 😀 If you’d like some wine, you can pair this with the Vignamaggio Gherardino Chianti Classico DOCG 2013.

Caffe B Smoked Salmon on Almond Biscuit

I don’t usually eat smoked salmon because of health reasons but what’s served here is really good. The smoked salmon has been marinated with garlic, italian parsley and extra virgin olive oil, and doesn’t taste too salty. It sits atop almond biscuits that are sweet, chunky and offer really good ‘bite’. I kinda fell in love when I bit into this. I know it’s a fancy restaurant and all, and the location is MBS, but just pick this up with bare hands and sink your teeth into it. My pal insisted on sawing away at the biscuit with knife and fork, and I think he missed out on the yummy crunch you’ll only get if you bite off a large chunk yourself. Definitely order the Smoked Salmon on Almond Biscuit ($15).

Caffe B Miso Chilean White Cod Burger

It’s been a while since I’ve tasted cod in a burger. This Miso Chilean White Cod Burger ($19) comes with marinated cubes of cod coated with miso (can’t really taste it though), egg, mirin and bread crumbs. You’ll probably also love the caramelized onion like I did. Together with cheese, tomato and gherkin (a pickle), it is one burger you’ll want to order again on your next visit.

Caffe B Beef Tripe Burger

Truth be told, I did not expect the Beef Tripe Burger ($20) to be delicious. But I knew my love would relish this kind of culinary ‘adventure’. Beef tripe comes from the lining of a cow’s stomach (how erm… appetizing) and in this burger, it tastes spicy, tender and overall, quite yummy.

And finally, since we’re on the topic of burgers, there’s the Wagyu Rump Beef Burger ($24)

Caffe B Wagyu Rump Beef Burger

The beef is very well-seasoned and tender, and the burger (or slider, if you will) is just the right size for ladies on a diet (i.e. me) or those who want to have a ‘burger’ yet still have enough stomach space for other items on the menu. Great for sharing if you’re on a date – one for you, and one for me. Gets tricky when you have three people. 😀


Caffe B Menu

Apart from the 5 items I’ve recommended above, there’s also the Chicken & Japanese Leek Skewers ($14), Crispy Maguro Tacos ($15) and the Deep Fried Potato Skin ($16) that you may want to try. Personally, I do not fancy chicken skewers nor tacos, but since my dining companions like them, I’d say the taste is very much a matter of preference. As for the potato skin that comes with a blend of Chili Con Carne, it both smells and tastes fantastic. Not too sure if I’d pay $16 for potato and chili, but I’m sure other people won’t mind.

If you’re at Marina Bay Sands and you want good wine and tasty food to go along with it, pop by Caffé B at B1-15. Tel: 6887 3311.