Compass One: Chef Wai’s Noodle Bar 樂牛 LeNu 私房面家

CompassOne Le Nu Chef Wai Noodle Bar

Lured by the brilliant advertising at its storefront, I popped into Le Nu at Compass One for lunch. In the picture above, you see their Braised Soft Pork Bone with Scallion Noodles (non-spicy version) and Long Jing Tea Lava Egg. I like this mini restaurant as they have a row of seats (Japanese-style) for those dining alone, like I did. A good plus is there’s no service charge – at least I didn’t see it reflected on my bill. 😀 Located at level 3 of the mall that was used to be known as Compass Point, I think LeNu (why not LeNiu since it’s 樂牛 in Chinese?) is a welcome addition to the mall!

Food-wise, I liked the Long Jing Tea Lava Egg ($1.80 per egg) that you see above. And the pork bones are pretty good too (tender and flavorful). You can even order the Braised Soft Pork Bone with Scallion (4pcs) as a side dish for $5.80 if you don’t want it in soup or with noodles. For the noodle dishes, you have a choice of noodle: Rice Noodle, Thick Vermicelli or La Mian. The noodle dish I ordered cost $10.80 and it’s a nice meal for when the weather is cold. 🙂

Next time, I’m gonna try their Braised Wagyu Beef Noodles ($14.80). As for drinks, I recommend bringing your own bottle of water, as a bottle here will cost $2 before tax.

Compass One food Le Nu

As one of Paradise Group’s restaurants, LeNu is likely to offer a pleasant dining experience each time you visit. I noted that some tables also had bag stands. I simply set my bag down on the unoccupied seat next to mine! 😀 If you’re popping by on a weekday (non-PH), it should be very easy to get a table and with no need to queue. I’m not too sure about weekends though. 😀

Le Nu is located at #03-05/06 Compass One. Tel: 6487 9489.