Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant @ Orchard Central

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant

If you’re heading to Orchard Central for lunch on a (non-PH) weekday, there should be no need to call ahead to make a reservation, right? That’s what we thought. Till we reached Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant yesterday and saw two moderately long queues outside the restaurant. One queue is for those who have made reservations (done online at least 3 days in advance, for example) and another queue for walk-in customers (which, unfortunately, meant us). For just S$23.30 all-in, you can enjoy a buffet lunch that includes salmon sashimi (yay!), cold prawns, tempura, and many other dishes. And oh… free flow drinks at no extra charge!

Considering how 10 slices of salmon sashimi can easily cost upwards of S$10 at places like NTUC FairPrice or Cold Storage, and I can as easily eat over 20 slices of sashimi at Kiseki, I wonder if the restaurant is in the business of F&B or philanthropy. Anyhow, just as I thanked my photog pal for the treat, I’ll like to thank Kiseki for the affordable prices for all.

Here’s some of what I ate: Salmon head (which was grilled with salt and pepper, I think), salmon sashimi, prawns, chawanmushi, tempura, and soup in a pot (I dropped some of the prawns in here too) 😀

Kiseki Orchard Central

At the dessert station, there’s cake, fruit, chocolate fondue (no fountain, sadly) for marshmallows, and 5 flavors of gelato (chocolate, yuzu, vanilla, cookies & cream and what was probably green tea). Choose cookies & cream for its texture, or yuzu for that delightful fragrance 🙂

Kiseki Japanese Buffet Restaurant Review

At the drinks counter, I mixed peach tea with green tea – the result was pretty good! 🙂

If you’d like to know the prices for the Kiseki buffet, here’s a photo I took of their rates:

Kiseki Buffet Price

I highly recommend that you call ahead or make an online reservation via their website before you pop by Kiseki. Standing in the ‘walk-in’ queue and watching all those who’ve made reservations (but arrived later than you did) head into the restaurant ahead of you is not at all fun. Haha!

To make a reservation, call/sms 6736 1216 / 9626 7767


At the restaurant, you might see little signs which state that food wastage will lead to an “additional charge of $5 per 100g”. I think these signs serve as ‘gentle reminders’ because you pay up before even being ushered to a table, and you can leave as soon as you think you are full. There was no weighing and no paying for wastage. Still, I hope that diners have the decency to take only what they’ll finish eating. Anyway, if you ‘whack’ the salmon sashimi, you would have already gotten your money’s worth. #justsaying