Book Review: A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

A Street Cat Named Bob

There’s no other word to describe this book besides ‘heartwarming’. James Bowen had been addicted to heroin, had lived on the streets, was estranged from his family and in his own words, been “selfish” (had not needed to care about anyone else apart from himself). Then this street cat appeared in his block. And in nursing ‘Bob’ to health, James found healing for his own physical and emotional ailments. Life with Bob was better and also worse, as Bob was an asset when it came to James’ busking (this ginger cat is an amazing crowd-puller) however there were people who got green-eyed or simply didn’t like the duo and tried to (in Singaporean terms) ‘sabo‘ them. With a series of best-selling books, plus a movie, I think James and Bob are set for life. Hopefully James never finds himself ensnared by drugs again, and may Bob have more than ‘nine’ lives so he can keep on being a wonderful pal for James! 🙂

Watch this:

One thing which struck me when reading this book was how us busy ‘city people’ would not have given a dirty, ill street cat the time of day. It would just not register on our radar at all. But for James who was recovering from his drug addiction, he didn’t just see the animal’s ‘brokenness’, he thought it reflected his own. Some people might say that he is using the animal to make money, but cats being cats, Bob is unlikely to be so affectionate towards James if the two didn’t share a bond that strangers don’t know about.

It’s hard enough to get a cat to walk towards you for a pat. Try getting one to stay around your shoulders. I do think Bob was sent by the divine just for James. And I cannot be happier for how their lives have turned around! I want to watch the movie!!!

On another note, it would probably have been so, so different for James if his parents had stayed together. James isn’t from a poor family. Quite the opposite instead! But the divorce, and teenage angst (I think), plus the frequent moving and switching of schools (and the bullying) ended in James finding himself on the streets.

Now, with more than half a million fans on Facebook, a series of books, and a film, James is clearly bent on sending a message of hope to not just the readers and the moviegoers, but those who are plying their trade on the streets – never give up!


Definitely read this book if you are in need of an inspiring TRUE story. Also, get this book as a Christmas gift for someone who loves cats. I know who my copy is going to. 🙂

Also, here’s the movie trailer!!! 😀