StarHub: Putting ‘Conscience’ Back Into Business

Starhub Recontract Eligilibility

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I only recently found out about the My StarHub app (no, totally not being paid to write this) and even though I hate downloading apps as storage space in my phone has largely been ‘eaten up’ by photos, this is one app I think StarHub subscribers cannot do without. It’s not just useful for things like converting your rewards points to cash vouchers or bill rebates, it helps you prevent bill shocks by tracking your data usage, call time usage and the number of SMSes and MMSes you’ve sent out (and shows you how many remain too)!

I think there are way too many apps in the market. There’s an app for everything – from booking your next manicure to tracking your menstrual cycle. I also have an app for tracking the number of steps I take daily so I can take part in the Health Promotion Board’s Steps Challenge (for more free vouchers to shop at NTUC FairPrice). But I think the My StarHub app is a must-have in any phone because of these features:

StarHub Data Usage Tracking

This is my actual data usage for the month. I’m impressed. 😀 And I really do need to call more people and send more SMSes.

(1) Data Usage Tracking

I like that data usage is one of the first things I see when I use the app. And I think this really shows that StarHub is in the business of listening to its customers and helping them improve their lives. It actually makes more ‘cents’ for telcos to NOT show us how much data we’ve used, and only send us the bill once a month to tell us to pay up. With this app, I can track my data usage every day if I so desire, and if I do still exceed the 6GB limit, and end up paying for the excess, well I have only myself to blame. 😉 [PokemonGo users should really appreciate the knowledge of how much data they’ve consumed each day in search of Snorlax and what-have-you]

(2) Rewards Redemption

StarHub Rewards

I do not know how many thousands of points people have forfeited (yes, those points expire!) simply because they don’t bother redeeming them. If you have many contracts with StarHub, you might have a lot of points. Go check! I know of someone who regularly exchanges his points for Gold Class movie vouchers. As for me, I don’t spend that much with StarHub so what I’ve gotten is enough for a few S$5 vouchers for places like BreadTalk, bill rebates, etc.

And I love how StarHub allows us to exchange our points by gifting to charity. For instance, you can use your points to send a family of 4 to the movies. I think that would be an awesome gesture to spread some love to underprivileged households this upcoming Christmas season. 🙂

(3) Checking When You Can Recontract

StarHub recontract

My actual recontract eligibility 🙂

If you’ve ever tried to dial a telco’s hotline, you know that the wait to speak to someone can be a really, and I mean REALLY, long one.

Wouldn’t it be great if you can simply click on the app and see (immediately) how far you are into your current mobile contract and when you can recontract and get a new phone? And oh, I switched from SingTel to StarHub as the latter gives me vouchers when recontracting so I pay less for my new phone. I think M1 does that too. SingTel… maybe they do now, I’m not sure. But I was a SingTel user throughout my school days and much of my working life, so I guess they’ve earned a fair bit from me already 😛

And if you’ve been tracking your data usage (and it is LOW) and your contract is up, perhaps you want to save some money by switching to a lower-priced plan. 🙂 That hasn’t happened to me yet. I just keep on adding more data allowance (@_@) I thought 4GB would do, then I exceeded that regularly… and so now it’s 6GB *fingers crossed*


So there you go… my reasons for downloading and loving this app from StarHub. It has no fancy bells or whistles, but it gives you just about everything you need. I do like dealing with businesses with ‘conscience’. Hard to describe what that means but… it’s the knowing that yes, they are earning my money from the services they provide, but they also do want to help me avoid over-spending. Also, in their own quiet ways, encouraging me to do my part for charity. Hey, if your StarHub points are going to waste anyway since you cannot be bothered to redeem them regularly, why not send some folks to the movies? I heard there are a couple of good movies recently. Dr Strange is one, and Lulu supposedly is pretty hilarious. 🙂