Frunatic: Possibly The Most Nutritious 9-Course Meal Ever

Frunatic Singapore

I had a really good meal with my pal a few months’ back and by ‘good’, I mean super nutritious. And you’ll see just why in a bit. It’s not often that I have a meal that was designed by a nutritionist. πŸ˜€ Frunatic usually works with companies such as major beauty brands and designs lifestyle retreats for them, but individuals can also drop by for special therapeutic wellness meals (Detoxifying, Anti-fatigue, Weight Management, Athletic Sport Performance, etc). And my pal could certainly use a lifestyle retreat simply for looking severely underweight just standing next to me! Ha! Little did I know that this meal wouldn’t add on the pounds for me either, consisting of about 700 calories only. And it WAS a 9-course meal. However, this nutrient-dense meal was enough to get us sailing through the week.

Let me take you through what we ate that day:Frunatic Amuse Bouche

First up was the Amuse Bouche, which is a complimentary dish served by a restaurant for any particular day. Just a quick bite, with hints of what’s to come…

Next, we had some 200ml of Longevity Herbal Tea. It contains 8 ingredients: wolfberries, red dates, chrysanthemum, rose, ginseng, dried longan, green tea and licorice that’s brewed with alkaline ionized water. I know that alkaline water is great for the body, and all those other ingredients just make it pack more of a punch. It’s nothing like the sugary bottled ‘herbal tea’ I’ve purchased from shops. It was an eye-opening experience: so this is what herbal tea can taste like!Β Or rather, what it should taste like.

Frunatic Longevity Herbal Tea

Then there’s the Tropical Energizing Smoothie – the smallest serving of a smoothie that I’ve ever had – which contains mango and banana with a hint of cinnamon and ginger. If you usually enjoy your smoothies in large cups like I do, then here’s the bad news: you’re possibly ingesting too many calories. I usually add lots of mango and avocado into my smoothies, and it’s only at Frunatic that I found out that, oops, too many calories.

Frunatic Tropical Energizing Smoothie

The Southwest Tofu ScrambleΒ features heirloom tomatoes and brown mushroom stuffed with a combination of red onion, red bell pepper, tofu and turmeric sauce. Turmeric is a spice with lots of health benefits such as its anti-inflammatory properties. And if you’ve not noticed yet, what’s being served is largely vegetarian / vegan and in small portions. What I learnt here is to eat a variety of food in small portions each so I get all the nutrients my body needs without getting an excess of calories. πŸ™‚

Frunatic Southwest Tofu Scramble

And here’s something you might be familiar with: cold-pressed juice. They call this the “Green Punch Juice“. I’m not sure why people go ga-ga over juice cleanses in which a company sends over a batch of juice and you slowly consume it over 5 days, perhaps. Cold-pressed juices should be consumed immediately for maximum benefit. Don’t let it oxidize or ferment! Frunatic’s Green Punch Juice is made from green pepper, kiwi, green apple and peppermint. Do ask them about the special powders they include, prepared by a naturopath.

Frunatic Green Punch Juice

Probably the highlight of the meal: Matcha Truffles with Raspberry Surprise. More surprising was my eating just one ‘truffle’. I usually pop a few. πŸ˜€ Inside each truffle ball is a mix of almonds, cashews, coconut, dates and raw cacao. It’s almost like an energy bar, no? It’s then coated in matcha. To vary texture and taste, there’s a yummy raspberry center, which you’ll see in the following picture…

Frunatic Matcha Truffles with Raspberry Surprise

Frunatic Pineapple Dill

Yup, they weren’t kidding. There is indeed a raspberry surprise. And by the way, the dehydrated pineapple chip tastes SO GOOD. A pity it wasn’t sold by the bag when I visited. But I did send them feedback that they should, so maybe now you can pop by and get a bag of these yummy fruit chips that are so, so healthy. The process of making these chips is a tedious one. Depending on whether you are using a dehydrator or an oven, making chips out of fruit can take anywhere from 8 to 24 hours.

And if you’re wondering about the price of the meal, well, for $128 nett, you get a “Michelin-style” dining experience, complete with a nutritionist explaining what goes into the food you’re eating. It’s quite interesting, really, as it’s usually the chef who does the explaining.

And here’s the Chef Special: Quinoa Beetroot Risotto

Frunatic Quinoa Beetroot Risotto

This particular risotto has dehydrated baby beetroot, tri-colored quinoa, cauliflower, truffle mushroom and carrots. Wild rice and quinoa are high in protein, and the carrots provide a natural sweetness to the dish. And that sauce by the side? It’s a therapeutic sauce featuring vinegar which has been aged for 8 years. Apparently this dish will help in athletic performance as the ingredients used actually help ‘increase the time needed to reach exhaustion’. I’m not too concerned about athletic performance per se, I just want low-calorie good-tasting meals that can help me lose weight! πŸ˜€

And finally, there’s the Pumpkin Flan. It’s a vegan dessert made from pumpkin juice, cashew, ground cinnamon and topped with crunchy-buckwheat brittle and hazelnuts. I love pumpkin, but didn’t know that pumpkin juice has electrolytes, calcium, potassium, magnesium and all that goodness. With a nutritionist explaining what goes into each dish, you will learn nuggets of information such as how there’s synergy between Vitamin C and zinc. πŸ™‚

Frunatic Pumpkin Flan

I love the concept of being able to sit down to a 9-course meal without leaving the table feeling as if my stomach is about to burst (such as at wedding dinners) πŸ˜€ As the food here is largely vegan in nature, it’s light and wholesome at the same time. I’ve also heard that some wealthy entrepreneurs come here regularly for meals that help them maintain their weight, blood pressure or blood sugar at optimal levels. If you so desire, you can also get the meals delivered to you, sans nutritionist, of course. πŸ˜‰

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