Olivia & Co at Sengkang’s Compass One

olivia and co singapore review

I’ve been to Sengkang Compass One a couple of times lately to check out its eateries that do not have outlets at Waterway Point. 🙂 Olivia & Co is one such restaurant, or bistro if you’d like. Dining there before noon on a weekday is GREAT as you can have your pick of any table.

Here’s what I enjoyed about dining at Olivia & Co:

#1: Really good ambiance – very cosy and inviting

I think ladies will really love this place as a venue for catching up over quick bites and drinks. Guys might also enjoy the section that has a TV – watch your football matches here!

I guess this is why two ladies decided to meet here this afternoon. They sat at the table next to mine – and the one carrying a baby had a little mishap. More about that later in this blogpost.

Olivia and Co Sengkang

FREE water! 😀 Always a plus point. And each table has a buzzer for you to press to get the attention of service staff.

#2: Good customer service, though not from the entire crew

When I first walked past the outlet in the morning (while I was not feeling hungry yet), I decided to stop and peruse the menu. One of their staff just stood there and (kind of) glumly stared at me, waiting to see if I’d like to take a seat. I was actually the one to offer a greeting first. Decided to do my shopping elsewhere in the mall before coming back for an early lunch.

When I returned, she was less glum – I attribute this to the fact that she’s probably not too comfortable with speaking English, preferring to speak in Mandarin to her colleague – and I got my choice of table and managed to get a confirmation from her that my order of their Black Forest Burger would come with fries (as it’s not clearly stated on the menu).

While I was eating, I observed that the other female wait staff was more friendly and welcoming. She’d give people a cheery greeting even if they were simply looking at the menu outside the restaurant. She also refilled my glass with water, asking before she did so too! After she got me the bill, she also took the time to explain that there’s an ongoing promotion in which I can get a lucky draw chance at winning a 2D1N staycation if I accumulate a spending of S$50 with a maximum of 3 receipts. Wow. I found out that her name is Maureen. I was impressed enough to send an email to Olivia & Co when I got home. 🙂 Staff like her are hard to find. I sure hope she gets a bonus or promotion.

And here’s what I’d like to see from the restaurant / bistro the next time I dine here:

#1: Sturdier chairs

A mother (carrying her baby in a sling in front) took a seat opposite her friend at the table next to mine. For some reason, the chair slid backwards and the mother and child ended up on the floor. Thankfully, they were fine. I’m not sure if the chair was too light, the flooring too smooth, or if the mother hadn’t positioned her bum just right, but it was pretty shocking to see her “seated” on the floor in the blink of an eye.

If it was an elderly person with brittle bones, I’m not sure what would have happened. I’ve already sent my feedback to Olivia & Co, so hopefully something changes.

Olivia and co review

#2: Better burgers

I ordered the Black Forest Burger but ended up liking the side of fries more. It’s no Omakase Burger for sure, but I think improvements can be made to the beef patty which crumbles too easily. Love the tempura mushrooms though.

I thought I saw that there would be some sauteed mushrooms as well. But the product served didn’t seem to reflect what was stated on the menu. I might be wrong; will check the next time I’m there.


Olivia and Co Compass One

If you’re wondering why a restaurant would place a vehicle right at the entrance, taking up precious ‘prime’ space which could possibly fit another table and 4 chairs, well, I found out there’s likely a good reason for it.

A mother pushing a pram with two kids was ‘directed’ to Olivia and Co. by the young ones, who wanted a go at the “ride”. They’d thought it was one of those kiddy rides that can be found in almost any mall! 😀 Too bad this time the mother gave the menu a glance and decided to head elsewhere. I’m sure others would have gone right in and snapped some photos, just like I did. 😀

Olivia & Co is located at #01-13 Compass One. Tel: 6384 4995.