O’Parl Cafe At The Arts House: BEST SALMON EVER!!!

When my more Groupon-savvy half buys food-related Groupon vouchers, it can either be a great hit or a really awful miss. This time, we struck culinary jackpot with awesome salmon at O’Parl Cafe Bar & Bistro that is located within ‘The Arts House at The Old Parliament’. The yummy dinner set the tone for an enjoyable Friday date night. 🙂

It was our first visit to O’Parl Cafe so we were keen on sticking to the “Chef’s Recommendations” on the menu. SO… we went with a starter of Spicy Basil Prawns, and he picked the Seafood Laksa Pasta – both Chef Recommendation items.

O'Parl Cafe Arts House Old Parliament

This picture doesn’t do justice to the food – I was hungry, and the lighting wasn’t the best for picture-taking so I didn’t bother with taking too many shots. You should go to O’Parl Cafe yourself and try the food there! 🙂 The prawns were fresh and utterly delicious. #ForgetAboutThePricetag

I wanted to try the Grilled Seabass instead of the recommended Fish & Chips (because, well, F&C is F&C no matter how fancy the setting, ya?) but the Grilled Seabass wasn’t available. So I settled for Pan Seared Salmon instead.

O'Parl Cafe Pan Seared Salmon

And my goodness! Never in my life have I tasted salmon that (to quote MasterChefs and LadyIronChef) was so “well executed”. Crispy skin outside, and tender, almost-buttery salmon within. How does one pan sear salmon so well? Was it done sous vide then seared quickly? I guess I’ll never know. And the mash was served really warm and it hits just the right spot in one’s belly, like a good bowl of steaming hot soup would. I wish I knew what that sauce by the side was – spicy like sambal belachan yet with some nutty texture and fragrance to it. All in all, perfect.

I sure did enjoy the dish. Yum. Yum. Yum. Best salmon ever. I really have to head back there again soon.

If you need a recommendation for a dinner venue that looks atas but isn’t too crowded (such that you don’t need to make a prior reservation), and where the food is superb, O’Parl Cafe is my pick. Here’s the menu ( I hope the print isn’t too small )…

O'Parl Cafe Menu

You can also play a game of darts here. I was simply too full after the meal. Love that they serve (free) water.

O’Parl Cafe is located at 1 Old Parliament Lane. Tel: 6255 6048.