Get $10 Off! UberEATS Singapore Promo Code

ubereats singapore promo code

Food delivery companies foodpanda and deliveroo are definitely feeling the heat with competitior UberEATS on board. I think these companies are burning cash with their marketing efforts. The one with the most cash to burn will be here to stay, while others simply get burned out. Smaller players need not apply. 😀 In this post, I’ll share with you my UberEATS promo codes and whether I’ve preferred ordering food with UberEATS or Deliveroo. Read on…

For $10 off your UberEATS delivery, use this code below. UberEATS will also reward me with $10 when you order, so thank YOU in advance! 😀

ubereats promo code singapore

-> eats-gracet4796ue <-

And here’s the code I used for my second order, ‘cos the first one arrived so late:

Ubereats singapore review

I’m not sure about you, but brand loyalty seems to be in my blood. I take really long to switch from one brand to another. I’ve been ordering food deliveries exclusively with Deliveroo, and it’s not like they’re paying me or giving me free food. I’m just so used to their ordering system that switching to another company’s system is like getting me to abandon Samsung and start using iPhones again. (@_@)

So the reason I decided to give UberEATS a try (and also to blog about them) is not because they’re paying me but because they have this promotion via Groupon in which people pay around $2 and get $20 to spend with UberEATS – an offer that’s too good to resist, obviously. And now I’m able to compare UberEATS and Deliveroo and share with you my verdict on what’s good about each company, and what needs improvement.

UberEATS VS Deliveroo

  1. Menu with PICTURES: UberEATS uses their app almost exclusively (I cannot order via their website, but I can do so on Deliveroo’s website) and the menu comes with pictures for many of the items, though not all. And the pictures really help me save time in deciding what to order. ubereats singapore menu
  2. No Tips Required: When ordering via UberEATS, you’ll see that unlike Deliveroo, it doesn’t ask you to indicate the amount of tips (if any) that you’d like to give the rider. In fact, it is stated “Tips are not included in the cost of your order. Tipping is neither expected nor required”. Of course, if your rider braved heavy rain to get you your meal, offer him a tip or at least a drink when he shows up at your doorstep, lah.
  3. Track Your Rider: I LOVE that UberEATS allows me to see where the rider is and how far he is from me. Of course, it gets a bit worrying when I see that he’s going in the opposite direction with my food (Noooooooo…Come backkkkkk) ubereats promo code
  4. Contact Your Rider: UberEATS doesn’t seem to want to handle customer enquiries regarding orders since they aren’t in the food delivery business only. Instead, you’re encouraged to call the rider directly. I’m not inclined to do this because of safety issues (what if the rider gets into an accident while taking my call?) but if I see that he’s going round and round and seems unable to find the building I’m in, yup, call him I will.
  5. No Minimum Order: Unlike Deliveroo, UberEATS will deliver even if you’re ordering just 1 cup of bubble tea. Deliveroo has a minimum order amount of about S$25 so I don’t usually place an order if I’m dining alone.

What’s not so great about UberEATS is that food delivery takes a REALLY long time. You might be starving when you place your order, and by the time the food is delivered, that feeling of hunger would have long subsided. Good if you’re trying to lose some weight. Give the food to someone else. 😀

ubereats singapore discount code

My first order of the Chirashi Don took 1 hr 1 min to get to me. UberEATS responded with an email that said “We’re sorry your order took so long” and gave me a $10 off promo code to use with my next order. I used it immediately for drinks (bubble tea, in fact) and it took even longer to reach me: 1 hr 20 mins. UberEATS did not send me any emails after that.

With Deliveroo, I get my food faster. And when their riders arrive late, I’m well compensated, e.g. $15 credit for being 15 minutes late, $30 credit for being 30 minutes late, etc. Sometimes my meal becomes entirely “free of charge” because of this. But the bad news is that my food is cold. 😛

Anyway, if you want a Deliveroo discount code, here’s one for $10 off – just order via this link: