New Year, New Linen: Linen House Singapore

My favorite 'brands' from Australia :)

My favorite ‘brands’ from Australia 🙂

While I’m a foodie who likes uncovering new makan places in Singapore, I’m also a ‘homebody’ most of the time and I love changing up the decorative elements at home. After all, home is where we spend lots of time with our loved ones, and we have to ensure it’s not just cosy and inviting but also allows for creativity and inspiration. A lovely little surprise arrived in the post this week from the fantastic crew at Linen House Singapore. It contained a paw novelty cushion, a madeleine cushion as well as a colorful, round towel.

Paw Cushion

In this picture above, you see the paw novelty cushion which is almost as big as kitty – how cute is this? Not only does it add some real character to my living space (it would also be perfect for a kid’s bedroom), it’s so soft and perfect for leaning up against – does anyone else ever get a really sore back leaning up against a hard-backed chair for too long?

Speaking of adding life to a living space, the madeleine cushion adds so much character to any area. I love the soft cotton knit, the color combination and the cute pom-pom corners.

Linen House Singapore

Always be hungry for knowledge 😀 😀

My last little gift from the team at Linen House Singapore was a round towel. I just love how this isn’t just your average, boring, ordinary towel – it’s definitely a statement towel thanks to its wonderful array of colours and its crisp, white-fringed edging. What I love about this towel is that it becomes a real talking point for any guests you have over. People definitely notice the bold colours and their geometric form.

Because it’s been raining almost every single day here, I have no plans to bring it to the beach yet so it’s now the living room “carpet” at home. But I just might take it with me to my next beach vacation. Woohoo!

I can’t wait to see what else Linen House Singapore has to offer. I’ve already had a quick browse and I think many will love their duvet covers and bed sheet range. If you’re looking for a few items to give your home or office an instant lift, look no further than Linen House Singapore. (*I really do appreciate how they include a piece of cardboard on top of their products when they’re packing them into the box, so that you won’t end up ‘cutting’ the products accidentally when you’re opening the box with a penknife, as the cardboard acts as a protective layer. Much love.)