NEX: Auspicious Cupcakes, 18-Herb Bak Kwa & Ltd Edn Champagne

Twelve Cupcakes Singapore

Image Credit: Twelve Cupcakes SG

If you didn’t get enough of Twelve Cupcakes during their recent S$2 promotion (I sure didn’t), then look out for the auspicious-looking ones this Lunar New Year. The mandarin orange-lookalike has got my vote for being most creative. And I’m sure the taste will be pretty good, as always. Near my home is NEX where they don’t just have cupcakes, but also bak kwa and Ernest Rapeneau Limited Edition Champagne.

nex mall

I sure didn’t know that Fragrance’s bak kwa has been marinated with 18 Chinese herbs. (Thanks, NEX) That’s A LOT. And I guess everyone has their favorite bak kwa brand. I did a taste test of several brands one year… [ find out which is the best bak kwa here ]. I’m not about to do it again because it’s just wayyyy too many calories and the prices have likely already shot up. 😉

Anyway… about the cupcakes, if you’re *not* getting the CNY ones, I’d recommend you go for the ones with brownie cubes on top. Because you get cupcake + brownie for the price of one. 😀

Twelve Cupcakes Brownie Cupcakes

*I just wanted to do a post about their awesome cupcakes. 😀 I hope the brand continues doing well even though the founders have split.