Citrus Bistro @ Sengkang Swimming Complex: No GST, No SC

Citrus Bistro Sengkang Swimming Complex

The best perk of my “job” is being able to enjoy a slower-paced life while everyone else is hard at work in the office. We went for a swim (the water was SO cold) a week ago, then had lunch at the newly-opened Citrus Bistro at Sengkang Swimming Complex. Actually they were in business since December 30th last year, but we didn’t know that. ๐Ÿ˜€ย Lured by their handwritten sign regarding the Molten Chocolate Lava Cake at 20% off, I just HAD to dine there after our swim. When I went swimming again yesterday, I didn’t dine at Citrus Bistro because there were just 4 mains on their menu and we’d already tried (what we thought were) the best-looking 2.

In any case, if you’re at Sengkang Swimming Complex, why not drop by and try their food. It’s not a new establishment. There’s ‘Citrus By The Pool’ which is at Woodlands Swimming Complex. <- Never been there though

I like that they don’t charge us GST and Service Charge, and food prices are reasonable.citrus bistro tom yum seafood pasta

The Tom Yum Seafood Pasta ($10.80) comes with one large prawn on top of yummy pasta in a predominantly tangy sauce – more sourish than spicy. This tom yum sauce goes very well with the pasta, and it really whets the appetite. Unlike cream-based ones which can get jelat quickly, this one will have you asking for more. Unfortunately, the portion size is more suitable for ladies, and not men who are ravenous after a swim.

citrus bistro curry chicken with bread

Also worth a try is their Curry Chicken with Bread ($9.90). This curry reminds us of Indian curries. It’s thick, flavorful and packs a punch. The bread is crispy outside, soft and fluffy inside.

Citrus Bistro Men

Having only 4 mains, I guess they cater to the diner who just wants a quick bite before heading home for lunch or dinner.

A meal’s not complete without dessert…

Citrus Bistro Molten Chocolate Lava Cake

As for the “Molten Chocolate Lava Cake” ($8.80 – 20% discount*), I have to say the folks at Citrus Bistro have totally redefined chocolate lava cakes for me. This isn’t a cake at all! It is like a round blob – a thin ‘shell’ or skin enveloping liquid chocolate within. Prick the shell and the chocolatey goodness oozes out. Because it doesn’t seem to have much “cake” (i.e. flour) it seems like a ‘lighter’ version of the dessert. I didn’t feel like sharing and it didn’t get ‘jelat’ at all. I didn’t quite like the vanilla ice cream though – it was uninspiring. I know my favorite kiddo will like the sliced banana and strawberry in the middle of the platter ๐Ÿ™‚ Dip the fruits into the chocolate and it’ll remind you of chocolate fondue ๐Ÿ˜€

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Despite the carbs + sugar, I didn’t feel guilty about the lunch we had as we did go cycling afterwards, all the way to Teo Heng KTV at Ci Yuan Community Centre. The ride there was so long and tiring that I’m amazed we had energy left to sing. ๐Ÿ˜€

We paid just $18 (total) for 3 hours of singing in this room…

teo heng ktv ci yuan cc

From Monday to Thursday, there’s a “Happy Hours” promotion from 12noon to 7pm in which you can sing for 3 hours at just $18. If you’re in a group of 3, each person just pays $6. How affordable is that?!

Medium-sized rooms (for 5 pax) are at $20, and Large rooms (for 10 pax) at $22. Sing for 5 hours and you get 1 hour free. Best of all, you can bring your own food! ๐Ÿ˜€

Teo Heng KTV has 7 outlets. This one is at 51 Hougang Ave 9 #02-02, Ci Yuan Community Club, Singapore 538776. Reservations: 6385 3766.


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  1. Sigh every time I read your posts I get homesick. Those look really yummy!

  2. Hmm, very interesting place. I think this place is perfect for all event, especially in meetings. This place looks very formal and looks so attractive to people. I was curious about the taste of all food in the menu.

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