The Western Co: Try Their Delicious Chicken Wings

The Western Co review

We took this picture for Steven before actually tasting the food and it’s apt because I really love the chicken wings at The Western Co. The LOML bought yet another Groupon (this one’s a gem) and we took Steven out for dinner on Friday. I’d never heard of The Western Co. before this but liked that it’s just a short walk from City Square Mall so you don’t even have to drive here (parking can be troublesome) – just take the train! Not too bad for a Friday date night. 😀 (*Before I forget, the BEST part of dining here: No GST, no service charge)

Here’s what the exterior looks like:

The Western Co

There’s also Happy Hour before 7pm so head there early and get beer and wine at a good discount! 🙂 There are 16 tables, each with either a red or blue tablecloth (so pretty) and a plastic rose and an electric candle. I was wondering why we need electric candles here… and in the middle of the meal, poof!, the lights went out and the fans stopped working too. I resorted to using the light from my handphone ‘cos everyone else’s electric candle worked, except for ours. What sorcery is this?!

The Western Co decor

Anyway, they got it fixed within a minute and we resumed our meal. I was totally blown away by their pasta. SO CHEESY! The cheese actually comes from a gigantic block of cheese, and you can actually watch the very sweet lady prepare the food. I’m definitely heading back here again.

The Western Co pasta

Once again, the LOML orders something that has the word “Combo” in it. He hates ordering just 1 item on its own. This is the Signature Ying Yang Combo ($15.90) which comes with bamboo charcoal battered fish and classic battered fish served with homemade salted yolk sauce and chilli “crab” sauce. And you can also pick 2 sides. Choose from homemade coleslaw, premium fries, mash potato and a fresh green salad.

The Western Co YingYang Combo

I’m not a big fan of their fries. I love MOS Burger’s thick fries. These ones are even thinner than McD’s which makes them quite a marvel actually.

Steven ordered the Mogu Burger which comes with a too-yummy portobello mushroom that is so juicy. Once again, there’s lots of cheese:

The Western Co Mogu burger

The highlight of the meal (for me, at least) was the basket of Honey Paprika Wings ($9.90) that are so delicious. Probably the best chicken wings I’ve eaten this year, except for those cooked by Mom (of course).

I’m not sure if the Groupon for The Western Co is still available but if you see it, do purchase it. And DEFINITELY try those chicken wings!

Anyway, there’s a lunch menu for Tuesdays to Fridays (12pm to 4pm). For just $7.90 nett, you can enjoy a Green Salad as a starter, then pick a main (Grilled Chicken Pasta, Panko Breaded Fish Pasta, Crispy Chicken Burger & Fries, Crispy Fish Burger & Fries) and get a drink of either hot or cold Citron Tea. Just $7.90 nett!

The Western Co is closed on Mondays (so don’t head there today). Their usual opening hours are from 12pm to 10pm Tuesdays to Sundays.

Address: 35 Tyrwhitt Road S(207536)

*Only just Googled ‘The Western Co’ to see if any reviews had been done by the famous food bloggers in SG, and wow, so there was this whole fiasco in 2016 that I totally forgot about. I think it’s all water under the bridge now, though, as service was really good when we visited. There’s this middle-aged lady who’s so friendly that I won’t hesitate to come by for makan again when I’m in the area. 🙂 Give these folks another chance!


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