Toys “R” Us QUIETLY Opens Outlet At Waterway Point

ToysRUs Waterway Point

It’s like Toys “R” Us doesn’t want people to know their new outlet at Waterway Point is ready to welcome shoppers. I walked past the outlet this morning, while on the way to Daiso, and got a shock. All the hoarding was gone, and the whole store was so brightly lit but the front doors remained shut. I didn’t even realize the renovation work within was done, as there had been no notice whatsoever regarding the store’s opening date. But their staff were walking around inside so I figured the store would be opening some time today. When it was past 10.30am and the store still wasn’t open, I left the mall. When I returned around 4pm, I could head straight in.

As they chose to open the store on a Monday, there wasn’t much of a crowd. And once again, I suspect people don’t even know the store is open! When I was in Toys R Us, I found their staff playing with the dinosaur figurines, and teenage boys (probably 15 or 16 years old) sitting on the little kiddy rides (and probably breaking them) like little boys aged 3 or 4.

Stuck my neck out and told staff to advise the boys not to break the toys πŸ˜›

toys r us waterway point

Besides all the usual toys, there’s also a section with everything from baby cots to milk bottles…

toys r us punggol

toys r us sg

I think parents will LOVE this store. It’s pretty big, very well-lit (both with sunlight and the many lamps within), and kids will be kept entertained here for a very, very long time. *wink*

Toys “R” Us is located opposite Pizza Hut, at basement 1 (West Wing) of Waterway Point. Basically, it’s Daiso’s neighbor. But shhhh! Don’t tell anyone.


2 thoughts on “Toys “R” Us QUIETLY Opens Outlet At Waterway Point

  1. Hey, thanks for the post! I’m wondering why is it that its opening is such a hush hush. I went to their website and it still says Waterway Point – “Playing soon!”. OH WELL. I’m herding the kids there this afternoon. Thanks!

    • I don’t know why either. Perhaps the renovation work was completed much earlier than expected? Or they wanted to let new staff get familiar with the business operations first. Anyway the Grand Opening of this outlet is on 12th April, Wednesday. πŸ™‚ If you wanna bring your kiddos there for free popcorn, balloons etc, then mark the date on your calendar πŸ™‚

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