What’s In The Philips Avent x Lazada Birthday Box?

 Philips Avent baby feeding accessories

Lazada Singapore threw a birthday bash last week and those who were lucky enough managed to get one of their birthday boxes at just $29. I’ve already blogged about the 3M x Lazada box. Folks at home purchased the Philips Avent x Lazada box and I got to check out what it contains:

  1. Travel cutlery set (Fork + Spoon) for 12m+ kids $8.08 on Lazada
  2. Food and breastmilk storage container $11.05
  3. Spout cup 200ml $12.67
  4. Toddler bowl $10.50
  5. toddler divider plate $10.12
  6. premium sprout replacements $5.87
  7. 125ml natural bottle x2 $26.27

*All the prices listed above are the discounted prices I found on Lazada’s website, and may not be indicative of the recommended retail price of these items.

The total value of the items in this box is approximately $84.56. So if you paid $29 (or less, if you used a discount code), it’s truly a steal. Also there’s free next day delivery! 🙂

If you have a kid at home, you’ll enjoy the huge cost savings. And even if you don’t have a young child, these can still come in handy at upcoming baby showers. I’m definitely going to watch out for Lazada’s next birthday bash, and buy a few more items next time. 🙂

What’s Next?

Lazada has an unboxing contest, but the contest rules aren’t too clear. See if you can spot why – I’ve highlighted a few key words:

“Take a video opening or ‘unboxing’ your Surprise Box and post it on your Instagram page with the hashtags #LazadaTurns3 and #LazadaSG. Remember to keep your Instagram profile public! Ten lucky winners with most likes on their Instagram photo will receive a voucher worth $30 off, no minimum spend, from Lazada!”

It’s definitely commendable. Running a contest after this birthday bash allows shoppers to keep on sharing about their Lazada purchases. However, it is uncertain whether Lazada wants us to post a video or a photo on Instagram. For videos, we can’t see the number of ‘likes’ it got, only the ‘views’ it attracted. And even if we were to post photos, some people can simply buy likes in order to win the $30 voucher prize. I believe they’ll do better next time. 🙂 In any case, the $29 boxes have already made many people happy.