Padeve: Herbal Sanitary Pad Brand That’s Winning Fans In Singapore

Padeve Herbal Sanitary Pad

When I first discovered this herbal sanitary pad brand via Instagram, my initial reaction was WHY?! Why would anyone want to use a sanitary pad that has a herbal scent? Then I wondered why anyone would make a herbal sanitary pad in the first place. Gosh. And purely out of curiosity, I headed over to their website to claim a free sample. They’re generous enough to provide 1 day pad and 1 pantyliner in their free sample pack.

I’ve tried it, and yes, I do like it. 🙂 When I went by the Padeve booth last weekend at a Waterway Point event, their staff offered me a free sample pack (which would make it my second), I couldn’t say no. 😀

Anyway, I’d already bought the pantyliners when there was a 1-for-1 promotion on International Women’s Day. And here’s why I think the brand’s doing pretty well in Singapore:

#1: Selling On Qoo10 / Free normal mail via their website

Padeve Sanitary Pads

On one of their listings on Qoo10, I saw that they have over 200+ reviews left by customers, with the majority being positive. Being listed on Qoo10 probably gives Padeve a wide reach, letting more female customers know about this new brand of sanitary pads.

But few things work better at getting your brand new ‘converts’ than handing out samples…

#2: Try Before You Buy

Padeve Free Sample Pack

You have to be really confident about your product if you’re offering free samples to potential customers. And if you’re selling herbal sanitary pads, well, of course you should let customers test it out first to see if they can handle the scent.

Truth be told, I was a little concerned that the people around me would be able to smell the herbal scent. How awkward would that be?! In the toilet, yes, the scent is pretty obvious. But once you’re outside, it seems the scent is not detectable at all.

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#3: Awesome Promotions

Padeve Sanitary Pads

I don’t usually buy stuff unless I get a really good deal. In this case, I found that Padeve was offering a 1-for-1 deal on all its products for International Women’s Day. I’d already shared about that offer in my post on Nature’s Farm $3.80 supplements. So if you’ve been following my blog, you would have gotten in on that deal. 🙂

From stalking them on social media, I found that they had a 28% discount during Chinese New Year, it seems. But the 1-for-1 deal I scored was considerably better. Hehe! I’ll stock up the next time they have yet another awesome promo. 🙂

#4: Handwritten Note

Padeve Singapore

I think what really impressed me was not the quality of the pads, or how the herbal scent doesn’t overwhelm my senses. It was that handwritten note that came in the package! *sniff sniff* In this day and age, when even wedding invitations are delivered via Whatsapp or Facebook messenger, a handwritten note from someone you bought sanitary pads from is just unheard of, unexpected, and such a lovely surprise!

Because of this, I might find it terribly hard to buy pads from any of the established brands from now on. Well done, Padeve!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. The folks who bought the pads on qoo10 also loved that that handwritten note addressed to them came with the package:

Padeve Qoo10

Finally, if you’re still wondering about that herbal scent… Well, a couple of reviewers have said that it helps mask odors, which is certainly a plus. The lady at the booth at Waterway Point also told me the Padeve pads are very absorbent, the pantyliners are longer than regular pantyliners, and you can count on the pads to not leak, as they do a decent job of absorbing the blood, save for the blood clots. I really like how honest she was. 🙂