Toys “R” Us’ Grand Opening At Waterway Point: 12 to 16 April

Waterway Point Toys R Us

I’d thought Toys “R” Us would be opening their outlet at Waterway Point with zero fanfare – no balloons, no promotions, no bouncy castle, etc. But apparently they will have their Grand Opening in April, from Wednesday (12 April) to Sunday (16 April). And there will be free balloon sculpting, popcorn, candy floss, among other things!

Character Meet & Greets will happen on 12, 14, 15 and 16 April, while the first 50 customers on 12 April will receive a $20 Gift Card and a Mystery Gift each. Nice.

I suppose there are pros and cons to opening a store before the official ‘Grand Opening’. One obvious benefit would be letting your (new) staff get used to serving customers, working the cash registers, etc, at their own pace. Then they might not be so overwhelmed during the Grand Opening which, if the marketing is done just right, will see tons of visitors to the store.

Of course, for folk like myself who have already visited the store, it’s a little less ‘magical’ during the Grand Opening. It’s not the ‘first look’ at a store anymore. Teenagers have already sat on some of the kiddy rides, some people have already made their purchases, and I might be just a little disappointed if I’ve bought something before the Grand Opening (G.O.) and during the G.O. celebrations, the items are offered at a discount (which I didn’t get).

Still, I hope there’s lots of fun on April 12th. I may just want to buy a few more things using my membership card and earn double points. Don’t judge. 😀


If you’re going to pop by Waterway Point for the grand opening of Toys “R” Us on 12 April, you might also want to note that Umi Sushi is having its Umiday on the same day, with all their sushi going at $1 each. 🙂