KnackStop: For The Coolest Public Transport-Inspired Merchandise

KnackStop Land Transport Authority

I was at LTA yesterday when I saw the “Bus Stopping!” Bell Keychain sold at KnackStop, and I just knew I had to get one! 😀 Press the ‘bell’ and you’ll hear the familiar ‘ding dong’ chime from buses and convenience stores. I wouldn’t recommend giving this to a child though or you’ll be driven up the wall. That said, I wouldn’t mind using this as a prank in a packed elevator. LOL!

I bought the ‘Nostalgic Bus Tickets Adhesive Tape’ too because it seems like one of the coolest things ever! 😀 I know a pal who loves travel scrap-booking so I bought her one as well. Turns out she’d already spotted it at Naiise but didn’t want to shell out a good $7.20 for one. Well, that’s the Law Of Attraction working right there. 😀

If you were wondering, the “Bus Stopping!” Bell Keychain costs $13. I’m going to hang it on my mini backpack from Decathlon that costs just $3.90 (yes, three dollars and ninety cents!) The items at KnackStop don’t come cheap but it’s for a good cause. A ‘Graciousness Pouch’ featuring the characters you’ve seen at MRT stations will cause $13, a set of magnets at $18, etc.

Nett sales proceeds go to charity, so do support this good cause and get yourself a gift that’s not only super fun to play with but also functions as a useful conversation starter! *I received a free mousepad with my purchase yesterday too – how sweet! 🙂

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KnackStop Public Transport Inspired Merchandise