Where To Park Your Bicycle(s) at SAFRA Punggol

Bicycle Parking at SAFRA Punggol

I like cycling to places like Waterway Point and SAFRA Punggol so bicycle parking lots are very important to me. The ones at Waterway Point are pretty obvious – it’s almost impossible to miss the designated spots. However, it’s not the case at SAFRA Punggol. And if you don’t like chaining your bicycle to railings or lampposts, and prefer proper lots like I do, then here’s a guide to finding a bicycle parking lot at SAFRA Punggol. 🙂

As you can see in the first picture above, look for Jack’s Place restaurant at #01-01. There’s a set of glass doors to the right of the restaurant (or your left). Once you go past those doors, you’ll enter the carpark, which is also where you can park your bike…

There are two areas for bicycle parking, and I’ve indicated them with (1) and (2) below. The first one can accommodate around 16 bicycles, I think. And another eight bicycles over at the second area.

Where to park bicycle at SAFRA Punggol

Second area right here:

SAFRA Punggol Bicycle Lots

There isn’t ample signage to tell people where to leave their bicycles. So the reason for this blogpost is to help you out if (1) you’re looking for somewhere to park your bicycle at SAFRA Punggol, and (2) you enter the carpark but see that the first bicycle parking area is already full, don’t panic, there’s still a second spot around the corner. The best part is there’s a CCTV camera pointing right at it. 🙂

Happy Cycling!~