April’s Bakery: Famous Thai Pastries, Now In Singapore :D

April's Bakery Singapore

This is one example of Facebook ads paying off for the advertiser: I spotted the ad by April’s Bakery on Sunday morning, and popped by their store at Tampines MRT in the afternoon. Only because it was the final day of their Buy-1-Get-1-Free promotion. (They really should bring it back soon) From checking out their Facebook page, I realized they had an earlier promotion during an event and it was ‘Buy-6-Free-1’, which is considerably less attractive! I like to try multiple flavors during these promotions because it’s less painful if a certain flavor turns out to be one I immediately dislike. 😀

If you don’t already know, April’s Bakery has some 60 outlets in Thailand, and their Hong Kong-inspired pastries come in flavors like taro, soybean, black sesame, pumpkin and purple sweet potato. Their pies are free from butter, lard and preservatives (which means you have to consume them within 3 days *keep them refrigerated too*) The company (in Thailand) was started by former flight attendant, Nathanaporn Euawanthanakhun (her English name for her flying days was ‘April’ as she’s born in April). Apparently, her business got off to a rough start and it was a struggle getting it to take off, whether it be selling her luxury bags or turning to family members for loans. (Pardon the puns; I just couldn’t resist)

I like how April’s Bakery is generous with the filling in their pies. I do believe these are handmade as pies of the same flavor can be noticeably different in size (just like how no two Famous Amos cookies look exactly the same)… and the crust is not quite even. Take this Thai Tea Pie, for instance:

April's Bakery Thai Tea Pie

The flaky crust on top of the Thai Tea Pie is delightful, but the bottom is slightly thicker in certain areas. If the base is more even, it’d be better. That said, I had expected the filling to be sweet (or even, REALLY sweet) but it wasn’t. It’s just mildly sweet so it makes a great gift for older folks.

I should have known even before ordering anything that their red bean pie would be my favorite, as I really do love red bean. 😀 Their Purple Sweet Potato Pie (pictured below) was hard and dry though. Even my very chin chye partner felt it’s not yummy.

April's Bakery Purple Sweet Potato Pie

You just might have to buy 1 of every flavor in order to discover your favorite. While we were in the store, we noted that their samples (pies cut into really tiny pieces) were not accompanied by toothpicks. <- Picking up food using uncleaned fingers is so unsanitary that I really didn’t want to try any.

And so, we bought quite a few:

April's Bakery Tampines

April's Bakery Singapore

The outlet in Singapore is currently using the boxes from Thailand (with Thai contact details, etc). There’s no doubt that the boxes are pretty (like the Laduree ones for macarons) but they just might want to get the Singapore version ones soon, eh?

April’s Bakery is located at #01-31 Tampines MRT Station

Contact number: 8122 7604

*The brand also sells pineapple cakes, which I didn’t buy as they weren’t included in the promotion that day 😀