Found Him Watching Videos Of Naomi Neo in Panties, So I Requested For This…

Naomi Neo Kotex Overnight Panty

[Screengrab from YouTube]

Yes, it was pretty shocking the first time I saw him watching a video clip of Youtuber Naomi Neo wearing what looked like an adult diaper. Where are her pants?! Turns out he had downloaded a free game app and was forced to sit through multiple (unskippable) commercials of the same thing: Naomi Neo in Kotex’s Overnight Panties. Good grief. Why would ads for overnight panties be targeted at guys? 😛 And since Kotex is giving out free samples of their Overnight Panties, I went ahead and asked for one. 🙂

If you want to watch the video clip, here it is:

As you can probably tell, the overnight panties aren’t the sexiest thing to wear to bed. So, the only reason anyone should buy (or even sell) these overnight panties is because it works as stated: no pad, no panty, no leakage.

This is what it looks like right out of the box:

kotex overnight panties

And after a ‘heavy flow’ night, there was absolutely no leakage. Consider me thoroughly impressed.

That said, this overnight panty doesn’t come cheap. There’s a promotion right now at FairPriceOnline: 2 pieces for $2.45 instead of the usual $3.50. You might also want to consider the environmental impact of this diaper-looking pad. I’ve tried using a menstrual cup before but it didn’t work for me: couldn’t get it to sit right. Won’t go into details but it was a most frustrating experience.


Anyway, go ahead and subscribe to Kotex’s YouTube channel so you get to know when they have released new products. There’s usually a link provided so you can request a sample. I’ve just requested for their Kotex Luxe®  sample after spotting this new product in a supermarket. It has really colorful (safari?) print. Anyway, who cares about the print? Since it’s free, just get it and use it. 😛 You’ll save quite a bit of money just requesting samples from the various brands. 😀