4-in-1 Goodness: ZTP’s Chicken Essence With Bird’s Nest, Ginseng And Cordyceps!

ZTP essence of chicken with bird's nest

Many companies sell chicken essence and bird’s nest separately so when I saw that ZTP has Essence of Chicken WITH Bird’s Nest PLUS Ginseng and Cordyceps, I absolutely had to get a pack. Isn’t this an all-in-one supplement that every kiasu Singaporean needs? Who wants to buy different products and drink them one after the other when you can get just this one bottle that has everything that you want? And unlike some other brands, I don’t see ‘caramel’ in the ingredients list. πŸ˜‰

You can drink the chicken essence straight out of the bottle, of course. Some people prefer to drink it chilled while others might want to heat up the bottle first. As for me, I do sometimes like to add chicken essence to whatever I’m cooking, to give the food a quick nutritional and flavor boost. For instance, here’s yesterday’s lunch. Some chicken wings, brussel sprouts and a tomato. I put them in the steamer.

singapore chicken essence review

For those who don’t know, it’s good to cook tomatoes as the heat helps increase the amount of lycopene that your body can absorb from eating the tomato. (Don’t believe me? Google it)

As for the brussel sprouts, some people love the nutritive value. I simply like their taste. Some find brussel sprouts bitter but I think they are absolutely delicious.

Anyway, I add the chicken essence (with bird’s nest and whatnot) a minute or so before I take the dish out of the steamer, and I get this gravy I can slurp up after eating everything else. πŸ˜€

steamed chicken with chicken essence

Β It’s a quick and easy lunch made from whatever I could find in the fridge at home. I love steaming food as I don’t have to watch over it; as long as there’s enough water in the steamer, I’m all set. Plus it’s a healthier method of cooking. And whether you’re cooking fish, chicken or some other seafood, you can likely add chicken essence into the dish. Then you can cut down on or eliminate condiments like soy sauce while enhancing the flavor of your food with the all-natural ingredients. If you haven’t tried adding chicken essence to your food before, you really should give it a try. Even if you dislike the taste of chicken essence straight out of the bottle, you might love it when it’s added to cooked food! πŸ™‚